Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pondering With A Purpose ~~ Pill

Pondering with a Purpose--Pill

Today's prompt is: Pill
Seeing todays prompt....Pill
Reminded me to take my pills tonight.
Pills Pills Pills
Pill is one word I really dislike!! HAHA!!
It's like every time you go to the doctor they add another pill to your list!
makes me think of the 29 pills a day I had taken in the past. I had to have a stroke to find a good doctor who took some pills off me then to add another pill.....Can't complain about taking 12 pills a day now, well I could but 12 is better then 29.
I have one of those weekly Pill boxes AM And PM to have my pills ready daily.
Soon as I post this I will be getting my daily doses of morning pills ready: Atenolol, B 12, Glyburide, Januva, Lamotrigine, Metformin, Imdur and Tegretol
My daily PM pills ready for the week..
Simvastatin, Metformin, Prozac And Tegretol .
In a few weeks one I go to the doctors I will be given a vitamin D pill.
And of course every time I think of Pill, I think of Loretta Lynn's song,
"The Pill"

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  1. love the post... btw the link on the PWAP page is wrong... you have an extra htt://

    Thanks for pondering with me