Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5000 Question:Part Thirty~Eight


Part Thirty-Nine

"When the heck is Tammy going to be done with this infernal 5,000 question survey" {Answer: soon, young followers. Soon}

3701. If you HAD to do your holiday shopping for EVERYONE in only ONE store what store would you pick?

3702. What's more annoying: the person in front of you driving ten miles under the speed limit on a regular day OR a person who cuts you off doing 10 miles over the speed limit on a stormy day?
A person who cuts you off doing 10 miles over the speed limit on a stormy day

3703. Define the word TIME without using the word time in the definition.
It's a magazine

3704. What old cartoons do you remmeber watching?
H.R. Pufnstuf ....Popeye ....Scooby Doo ..... The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show .... Pink Panther.... Inspector Gadget ....Bugs Bunny .... Mr. Ed.... Tom And Jerry And Many more

3705. Do you think that people care only about the people they know personally or do most people care about all people?
I think people care about the people they know personally, unless they like drama

Why do you think people feel that way?
Some people like being in their own little world

3706. Are you more like Brak Zorak or Space ghost and why?
I never watched either on, so I don't know

3707. Would you rather see the movie first and then read the book or read the book and then see the movie?
See the movie, Cause most books and movies are so different from each other. And the book gives more details

3708. Do you own any audio books?

3709. Why are things the way they are?
Just to make you ask why, see it worked

3710. Do you believe that guns don't kill people and that people kill people?

People were killing people way before guns were invented

3711. What is the best way you can think of to prevent murder?
Stop killing people

3712. Why is it that in the USA thousands of people are murdered with a gun each year while in Canada only a handful of people are murdered with a gun each year?
Because the entire population of Canada is roughly equivalent to the population of California. I wonder if the gun murder rates would be closer if the populations were more similar.

Sure sounds like the USA is doing something wrong, but what?
We are not teaching about guns or sex, so kids have to find out through the movies and the street

3713. Is there a difference between really being yourself and just being automatic and acting on whims?

Myself is too cautions to just act on whims

3714. Have you ever strolled through a graveyard?

In the dark?

3715. What is the difference between a good poem and a bad one?
The answer ultimately lies with the reader of the poem....The lack of meaning and emotion

3716. Who really cares about anything?

Do you?

Do you let it show, all the time?
Most of the time

3717. Do you live with passion?
Most of the time

3718. Do you talk to squirrels?
No, I should cause my yard is filled with them

3719. Do you kick up leaves?
No, I rack them up

3720. Which do you need more: sugar, caffiene, alcohol, drugs, sex, sleep?
Sugar, Sex and Sleep

3721. What images do you get from the phrase 'human subway'?

3722. Joe Strummer died. Are you sad?
Not really

Do you have a fond memory of him to share?
I'm really not who he is

3723. If you are a guy are circumcised?
Not a guy

If you are a girl which do you prefer circumcised or not?
Yes, circumcised is just healthier for the guy and makes it look better

3724. Does it bother you that in the USA you will be tracked based on what web sites you visit, what online purchases you make and your email will be read by the government?
Yes, I think most citizens should have privacy and the government and police should be wath, they are the ones who are corrupted
3725. Have you ever checked out the online personals?

3726. What do you crave?
Peanut Butter Reese Cup ~ Chocolate

3727. On a scale of 1-10 how tough are you?

3728. On a scale of 1-10 how tender are you?

3729. On a scale of 1-10 how good are you?

3730. On a scale of 1-10 how evil are you?
On some days a 1
and on other days I can be anywhere between 1 and 10

3731. What would make a cool coffee table book?
Photo albums

3732. What's the most interesting conversation piece in your home?
My liquor cabinet, cause I'm not a drinker

3733. If you could get on the mall loud speaker on christmas eve you would say, 'Attention holiday shoppers:
"The mall is closing in a half an hour, Please go to the register now, Sorry to the ones who don't get the chance to check out"

3734. What are you on the outside of looking into?

3735. Are you more of a peculiar purple pie man or a sour grape?
I'm not sure, but, a peculiar purple pie man sounds good

3736. Who is someone you know should deserve more respect?
My husband ~ by his youngest son

3737. Does the end ever justify violence as a means?
If yes, when?

3738. Care about everything, or care about nothing? Which would be worse?
They are both extremes, and both extremes are just as bad. Find a balance

3739. Why do so many people on the internet pretend to be pregnant?
I don't know, maybe they want attention

3740. Have you ever been the diary Hicks or Brian (same guy, Hicks is the old diary, Brian is the current one)?

If yes, what are your thoughts?

3741. What was your new years like in (answer all that you can remember)

Babysat my nephew



Was  dating Kevin at the time and we went to his sister Karen's she was having a party for the family

Worked at the nursing home

Worked at the nursing home

Went to all night bingo with my Dad



JR and I went to my brother Kenny's ~ It was our first new years together

JR and I went to his sister Roxanne's and we all played cards

JR and I went to South Connellsville Fireman's Club with his sister Roxanne & husband & a few of her kids

JR and I went to Roxanne's and played cards

JR and I went to Roxanne's and played cards

JR and I stayed home with a bottle of wine and a movie

We stayed home again with a bottle of wine and a movie

We enjoyed staying home we stayed home again this year

Stayed home again with a bottle of wine

It was our first New Years in our home in Ohio, We just stayed home

3742. You know the Def Leopard song, 'Love Bites'?
Yes I do

Do they actually mean love bites as in it sucks, or lovebites as in hickies?
It's a break up song

3743. All you want for chrsitmas is:
I don't know I have 7 months to decide

3744. If you rearrange the letters in SANTA what words can you make?

3745. Say anything:

3746. Can you feel your life ending one minute at a time?

3747. Is there something you don't want to talk about?

3748. What is the most offinsive thing you can think of to type here:
I don't know I guess the "N" word

Who do you think it would offend?
Me, My niece, My nephew....I can't stand when someone says it cause my nephews mother is white and his dad is black

3749. Who would you stop the world and melt with?

3750. Is there anyone you wish you had never known?
Yes, Scott

3751. Do you prefer to drive or be driven?
Since I can't drive ~ Be driven

massage or be massaged?
Be massage

pamper or be pampered?

go down or be gone down on?

3752. What do you think of the sims?
Never played it

3753. How about the Sims Online?
Never played it

3754. Professional or home pedicure and why?
Home ~ It's cheaper

3755. Is there a difference between over weight and over fat?

Because muscle weights more than fat. Muscle builders are out of the proper weight range, but they are not over fat.
3756. What do you think of Rush Limbaugh?

3757. Do you buy books and then never read them?

3758. What does OPP stand for?
Optional Possibility Potential

3759. If you had to be a character from married with children, what would you be?
I hate that show, If I had to choose it would be the next door neighbor Marcy

3760. What did you get for christmas?
I can't remember yesterday and you want me to remember 5 1/2 months ago! I did get cookware

3761. What was your best ever valentine's day?
I think it our first Valentine's together {2004} JR got me a dozen of those perfume rose that I wanted and he hidden them all over the apartment and I had to find them. He made a candle light dinner

3762. What movie would you like to see again, that you haven't watched since you were a kid?

3763. Have you seen Fantastic Planet?

3764. Do feet disgust you?

3765. What pain releaver do you use?

3766. Are you an artist, a designer or a doodler?

3767. Do you belong to a gym?
Not now, I use to belong to one when I lived in PA. Years ago I use to work at a gym/tanning salon

3768. Have you ever been to court?
Over what?

Did you win?

3769. Would you ever take a case on court TV (Judge Judy and such)??

3770. You are given a million dollars, only you MUST spend it (or as much as possible) IN ONE MONTH. ANY LEFT OVER MONEY WILL GO AWAY. WHAT DO YOU BUY?
Pay off the car....Buy a house....Buy new furniture, clothes, food, Pay off bills, Canada here I come, take a cruise {I think I can spend a million dollars in a month}

3771. What are your pj's like?
Which ones

3772. Is there a fabric you love above all other fabrics?

3773. Can you think of any words (besides mom, dad and bob) that spell the same thing backwards and forwards?

3774. Who would enter an ugly foot contest????
Big Foot

3775. Would you rather see a movie with someone who screams during the movie, crys through the movie, or talks though the movie? What's the least annoying?
Cries through the movie~ Crying is the least annoying

3776. Do you have any grey hair?
Sure do and I earned every single one of them

3777. Are all the Jennifers you know psychotic?
Not any of the Jennifer's I know

3778. Do you want to join a country club?

3779. 'I felt a funeral in my brain' - Emily Dickinson

What do you feel in your brain?
It's an office build where there is something always going on

3780. What is the best atari game you can remember?
I loved Pac Man and Frogger

3781. Hulk Hogan, Alf or Mr T?
Hulk Hogan And Mr. T

3782. Did you dance today?

3783. Are birds happy in cages?
Mine likes to be out of their cages

Are pets happy indoors?
My Dogs likes to be outside

3784. Have you, or has anyone you know, ever been stuffed in a locker?
I never was and I can't think of anyone who ever was

3785. Critique this poem.

Last night death signed my yearbook

Have a good summer

he said

see ya next year

and then I realized it wasn't my yearbook

it was my tombstone
Now what do you think?! It was dark, and foreshadowing over the fear that most people have death

3786. Red or white wine?

3787. Hula hoops or jump ropes?
Jump Ropes

3788. Do you like tiffany lights?
Some of them are nice

3789. Do you like fights?
No, Not really

3790. What do YOU want to pin the tail on?
The Donkey

3791. Wasn't last night fun?
Just another day sitting at home

3792. Have you ever met a group of more interesting people?

3793. Would you eat Spaghetti with waffles to keep from offending someone?
Sure, Why not

3794. Do you play with Mr Patatoe head?
When I was a kid I did

3795. Would you rather live in an attic or a basement?
Basement ~~ I do live in a basement apartment

3796. Can you understand sign language?
Just "I love you"

3797. Do you wear ridiculous hats?

Does Elton John?

3798. What music is wild and crazy?
Death Metal

3799. How does one live their life like a candle in the wind?
Be positive and help other when they need it
3800. Ziggy and the Spiders or Benny and the Jets?
Benny and the Jets

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