Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Second June Blogging Challenge: Day 12

My Second June Blogging Challenge

I came across this June Blog over at Paula's Place.
This is my second June Blogging Challenge. Lets see if I can keep up on both of them this month.
And here are the list of prompts for June. There is no rules. Just do what you can. And  hope over to link up at Paula's Place

The prompts were provided for us by Allison (Kwizgiver) at 
I love the title of her blog.

3:30 ~ Alarm goes off ~ Fixed my husband's coffee, breakfast and got his lunch together.
4:30 ~ Kissed hubby goodbye, took Princess And Angel out and then back to bed
7:30 ~ Woke up, Showered
8:00 ~ Took Princess and Angel out
8:30 ~ Cleaned Shower & Threw first load in the washer
9:00 ~ Drank Hot Chocolate and two cups of tea while watching Match Game and checked e-mail
9:30 ~ Threw first load in dryer and another washer and checked out facebook
10:00 ~ Ate Breakfast Cleaned Bird Cages
11:00 ~ Watched Pass and folded first load and threw second load in dryer
11:30 ~ Took Princess and Angel for a walk
11:30 ~ Checked out Swap Bot and Got Swaps together
12:00 ~ Talked to Hubby on his lunch break
12:30 ~ Folded second load and put all laundry away
1:00 ~ Did 5 miles of Leslie Sanzone walking tapes
2:00 ~ Bathed Princess and Angel
2:30 ~ Showered
3:00 ~ Talked to Sue, She brought me some strawberries down, Yummy
4:00 ~ Took Princess and Angel out
4:30 ~ Hubby got home, While he showed I got dressed
5:00 ~ Went to "The Deck" for dinner
6:00 ~ Stopped at Dollar General
6:30 ~ Got Home and put things away
7:00 ~ Went fishing
9:00 ~ Watched TV while fooling around on the computer
10:00 ~ Cleaned the shower and laundry tubs out, picked up living room
10:30 ~ Filled out Insurance papers{GRRRRR}
11:00 ~ Washed up and got PJ's on
11:30 ~ Got a cup of Hot Chocolate and Watched TV and Fooled around on Facebook, and Blogger till I went to bed
{Of course I was fooling around on the computer throughout the day}
2:00 ~ Better get to bed, Alarm will be going off {3:30} before I know it


  1. I feel that same way about filling out insurance papers!

  2. That's an early day...I wouldn't know my name at that hour of the morning. Could I suggest you use the url of your actual blog post vs your blog, it really takes time to scroll and scroll to find your post, particularly since you're doing several meme's at one time.
    What was Your Day Like