Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June ~ 30 Day Blog Challenge:Day 19


I’m joining Katie at So, Funny Story... this month for her 30 Day Blog Challenge.

You can join this challenge too! Visit Katie’s blog here and see the details, including all 30 prompts for the month.  It looks like a fun challenge.

                                                             DAY 19: WHAT DO YOU MISS

I miss talking and seeing my parents!
My Mom past away May 16,192   And My Dad passed away 10/6/11

I miss the late night talks with my brother ~in ~ law Barry
R.I.P. 3/24/11                        
  I miss my Mother ~ In ~ Law {I knew her way before I got with JR, I would love to see her reaction of us being together. Yes, we did get along. We talked everyday Long story why}.
R.I.P 2/3/01                                                                                                
I also miss my Grandpap & Grandama Fullem, My Uncles Bill, Clyde, Bobby.
Even though I love it here in Ohio, I miss my family that lives in PA
My stepson & Jamie & our new grandson John
My Stepdaughter & Rich

And being near my grandchildren.....Jordyn, MacKenzi, Alexandria, Starr, Richie III,Mason and Harlie.
And I miss going to Gettysburg, PA this year.
I miss having Armstrong Cable!!
I miss "The Undertaker" being on WWE Wrestling every week!
I miss not being able to work or drive.
I miss not having a friendship with my niece Tina {long story}
I do miss my brothers, sister, nieces and nephews {can't wait to go back to PA to visit}
I miss my Best Friend Diane

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  1. You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing the photos with us.