Thursday, June 27, 2013

5000 Question: Part Forty


Part Forty-One

3901. What is the most annoying tv ad?
Those ads with Flo in annoys me the most

3902. If you died, how would you hope others would remember you?
For being helpful, kind and honest

3903. Name 2 questions that you will most likely never say 'no' to:

1. Can I have a hug?

2. Can you help me?

3904. What is the softest part of your body?
My Breast, thighs, checks, hands

3905. What family do you want to see in place of the Osbournes when they finally stop doing their show?
I don't know. I don't watch the Osbournes

3906. If you could pick 3 bands to go on tour together who would they be?
Tracy Byrd, Kenny Rogers and Clay Walker

3907. What is a main differance between western and eastern philospohy?

3908. Would you be fooled by Joe/Josephine Millionaire?
I don't know....I avoid the millionaire shoes

3909. Do you believe Michael Jackson does innoprpriate things at his Neverland Ranch? Like what?
He has past, People should let him rest.

3910. What do you think of gov. Ryan who cleared out Illinois' death row?
Kill them all instead of having them on waiting on death row

3911. Would you want a $500 gift certificate to:

Kmart or Target?

Macy's or Hot Topic?

Border's Books or Spencer Gifts?

Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood?
Victoria's Secret

3912. What do you think of this website:
Never been on the website and I'm really not going to check it out

3913. Man vs Elephant. A zookeeper was treating a constipated elephant. He gave her too much laxitive. Suddenly everything exploded out onto the zookeeper. He was knocked to the ground where he hit his head on a rock and got knocked out. There he suffocated under a pile of elephant dung. True story. Is it a funy story?
It's more gross then funny

If yes, what is funny about it? Why is it so taboo to laugh at death?
It's very shocking way to die...It's one way we remember death and the reason it's taboo is that someone doesn't want their last moment on earth to be laughed at; unless you are a comedian.

3914. What are your favorite five things from this list:

alternate realities, animals, astronomy, birds, camus, cats, cheap trick, cocaine, cooking, costumes, dancing, elvis, gambling, greta garbo, james dean, jeff buckley, joy division, marilyn monroe, mixed drinks, moody blues, morrissey, mozart, my bloody valentine, orbital, pizza, playing flute, prince, radiohead, rummy 500, scrabble, table tennis, talk talk, van morrison, writing
{2}Mixed drinks
{5}Rummy 500

3915. Do you have to read lots to be able to write well?
I believe reading and wring works hand in hand

3916. Vanilla ice. Everyone loved him, suddenly everyone hated him. What was the deal??
Couldn't tell you I never listened to him

3917. If you could kick one person out of the grammies who would it be (Avril, Eminem, etc.)?
Eminem I guess

3918. Studies have revealed that when sending out a resume a person has a 50% higher chance of getting a responce if their name is white sounding than if it is black sounding. What do you think about this?
I think if you stand out you will be heard

Why do companies respond this way?
The squeaking wheel gets the grease

3919. Should Big Fat Greek Wedding really be a Big Fat Greek sitcom?
I would say No but, then again I don't like sitcoms

3920. What are you addicted to?
Facebook, surveys

3921. What fascinates you?
A child's mind, before it becomes jaded by time and society.

3922. What is fascinating about you?
Willing to help others, even when I know how things may work out

3923. Personality wise, is anything the same for all human beings and if so, what?
Everyone has some kind of personality....The qualities change

3924. What kind of a contest woud you have a shot at winning?
Maybe writing poetry

3925. You see a dirty punk kid who had a giant cowboy hat on who is rolling his own cigarettes. Your impression?
Just a guy trying to figure his self out. Rolling your own cigarettes is the cheapest

3926. What would you never want to have more than 2 of?

3927. Is there a movie you just could not finish watching? What and why?
Any comedies, cause I don't like them

3928. Is there anyone that you love and want to be around for no explainable reason?

3929. Would you go to times square for new years?
I would at least once if I had the chance

3930. Do you think that there are to many signs blocking up the scenery?
In some places

3931. Did video really kill the radio star?

3932. What was your favorite atari game?
Pac Man & Frogger

3933. what is your favorite neon color?
Blue / Red

3934. Do you get depressed eveytime it rains? If yes, why?

3935. 'The more you admit that all your actions are robotic, the less robotic you are.' What does Tim leary mean by this?
Some of our daily, mundane activities or just done naturally, programmed...we don't think about them.
Do you agree or disagree and why?
I agree...There is times we have to much on our mind

How much of your actions do you admit are robotic?
May 25 % of them, just do them without thinking

3936. Are we not men?
Some are men, Some are boys, Some are fun and the rest are idiots

3937. Is it easy to be you?

Would being someone else make it any easier?
I don't know. We all have our series of issues and obstacles to work through

3938. Why are sex religion and politics such taboo subjects?
They are huge reasons to start a hot debate or fight. Everyone has their own opinion on each.

3939. Is there really a differance between republicans and democrats?
No, neither truly knows how to deal with money unless it's in their own pockets

3940. Imagine someone has a great personality, sense or humor, family and job. they also really really like you a lot. Would you consider dating them if they:

were fat? Sure looks aren't everything

limped? Sure

were a midget? Maybe

had hiv?No

were paralized in one arm? Yes

had a glass eye? Yes

had only 6 months to live? Yes

3941. What makes you experiance nostalgia?
Smells, Songs and going by certain places

3942. What do you remember about these historical figures:

Woodrow Wilson?
He was the 28 th president of the United States 1913 to 1921. And
He the 34 th Govern of New Jersey

Hellen Keller?
She was an American author, political activist and lecturer. She was the first deaf blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Christopher Columbus?
1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue

3943. Out of the above three figures, one is a huge racist, one is a socialist and one is a slave trader. Can you guess which is which?

Racist: Keller

socialist: Columbus

slave trader:Wilson

3944. Betcha they didn't tell you that in american history. Wilson, Keller and Columbus are painted as heros, impossibly good, ideal people. Why are so many things ommitted from and lied about in american history text books?
People want to remember heroes as good idols instead of real people

3945. Do you drink super caffinated energy drinks?
No, Never even tried any of them

3946. eminem or moby?

3947. spongebob or the animanicas? Animanicas

3948. Why do people rush to grow up only to wish they were a child again?
We always seem to want what we can't have...we always think that grass is greener on the other side; then once we are there reality kicks in

3949. Why do people sacrifice their health to obtain money and then use the money to restore their health?
They are thinking about the money

3950. Jetsons or Flintstones?

3951. What are you saving up for?

3952. Would you rather improve your cooking, creativity, body,logic or charisma?
Body and Creativity

3953. Is it more important to have stregnth or speed?

3954. What is your favorite thing to do each day?
Spending time on the computer

3955. When you are driving do you ever feel like turning the car towards someplace unfamiliar and not comming back?
I haven't been able to drive since 2007, but when I did no I never felt that way

3956. Have you ever gone to lunch at a job and never gone back to the job?

3957. What kind of a dining room set defines you as a person?
I don't know

3958. Kiss, with or without the make up?
Kiss with out make ~ up, I don't wear make ~ up

3959. Madonna or Courtney Love?
I would have to say Madonna, I can't think of who Courtney Love is

3960. Are you down with james Brown?
I guess

3961. Do you believe in miracles?

3962. Are you living a lie?

3963. If you had to give up one would it be caller ID or call waiting?
Call waiting

3964. Are you ready to switch to an electric or solar powered car?
I don't drive so I'm not switching to anything

3965. What is the greatest band of the 90's?
The Gatlin Brothers

3966. What's the appeal of Alley Mcbeal?
The dancing baby

3967. Fill in the blank.

A drug house ___ aint the kind of place to raise a kid.

3968. What song goes: starry eye surprise, sundown to sunrise, we're gonna dance all night to this dj' and who is it by?
"Starry Eyed Surprise" by Paul Oakenfold
3969. What ever happened to the mtv vj Kennedy?
I don't know, Never watched mtv

3970. if you could sing with one band for a day what band and what song would you want it to be?
Tracy Byrd, "Keepers Of The Stars"

3971. Josie and the PussyCats or Jem?
Josie and the Pussy Cats

3972. Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?

3973. Britney spears, school girl or sexy, which do you prefer?
I don't like her

3974. Would you get married on TV?

3975. Where do you go looking for the secrets of life?
No where

3976. What is the fuel for your soul?

3977. Why do people watch american idol (I think it's for Simon)?
Couldn't tell you, I don't watch it

3978. What makes life sweet?
JR, My Stepchildren and Grandchildren makes life sweet for me

3979. What does it take to make a great band?
Openness, Compromise good communication, and ways to release the tension away from each other
3980. What do you think of when you hear the word 'devo'?
Recording TV

3981. What song or movie represents the 80's for you?
The Shinning

3982. What song poem or other piece of writing would you want read when you died?
Amazing Graze

3983. Is a stable job home and family pretty much your goal or do you want more than that and WHAT?
That's good for me and that's what I got...Except the job cause I'm not able to work yet

3984. What tv show that is no longer on tv do you miss?

3985. Remember when Chris from nirvana threw his bass in the air and hit himself in the head with it?

3986. What commercial is really annoying you(almonds, want some almonds, you're a big fellow aren't you)???
What's that about? About the only commercial that is annoying to me is the Progressive commercial with Flo ~~ She irritates me

3987. Nominate a rockstar for president:
I don't talk politics and I don't like rockstars, I don't even know many rockstars....So go ahead and say innie minie miney moe

3988. Who amazes you?

3989. What's the best musical act to come outta your own country?
Tracy Byrd

another country?
Shania Twain

3990. Is your life glamorous and exciting?
Far from it

3991. Greatest oldschool rap artist:
Haven't the foggiest idea, don't like rap

greatest newschool rap artist:
See above

3992. DJ Jazzy jeff or Will Smith, which persona?
Will Smith

39993. Ever try yoga?

3994. Are you a brick shit house?
I hope not

3995. What products do you use?
Mostly Generic, Though some name brands, it depends what the product is

3996. How good do you look?
I think I'm ugly

3997. Tonight you're going to party like_________
there is no party at all

3998. Have you ever written a song?

if yes did you record it?

3999. What would you like to have 999 of?

4000. Do you own a metal detector?

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