Saturday, June 1, 2013

June ~ 30 Day Blog Challenge


I’m joining Katie at So, Funny Story... this month for her 30 Day Blog Challenge.

You can join this challenge too! Visit Katie’s blog here and see the details, including all 30 prompts for the month.  It looks like a fun challenge.

So let’s get this challenge started, The list of questions are below.

1) Your favorite song.
2) The meaning behind your blog name.
3) Your favorite television program.
4) Favorite book.
5) Favorite quote and why.
6) List 20 of your favorite things.
7) Favorite films.
8) Talk about a great place you have travelled to.
9) Share a photo of your friends.
10) Share something your afraid of.
11) A recent photo you took.
12) What do you believe?
13) Your life goals.
14) A picture you love.
15) Your dream house.
16) Share something your OCD about.
17) What are you really looking forward to?
18) Your wedding/future wedding/wedding you have attended.
19) What do you miss?
20) Nicknames you have.
21) Favorite food.
22) A website you enjoy looking at or care deeply about.
23) A video you have made or enjoy watching.
24) The town you live in.
25) Put your I-pod/I-tunes on shuffle what are the first ten songs?
26) Plans for the weekend ahead.
27) Your Pets.
28) What's in your handbag?
29) Favorite show or concert you have been to.
30) What do you love about life right now?

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