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5000 Question: Part Thirty~Nine


Part Fourty

LOTR The Two Towers

3801. Who is your favorite Lord of the Rings charater and why?
Arwen, she was just graceful, elgent, strong and beauty....what I see a fairy is

3802. In the Lord of the do the characters go on when the forces against them are so powerful?
They just have this drive and optimism that in so great

How can they go on when so many awful things have happened?
They know there is a light at the end of the tunnel

3803. What is it that makes middle earth worth saving?
It's their life and all they know, and they enjoy their life. It's worth fighting for
3804. Is Frodo making a personal sacrifice by taking the ring to be destroyed?
No, he's really saving himself in the end; you need to see the whole picture to understand
3805. What would you do in Frodo's place?
As tempting as that ring is, you must give it up, before it destroys you

3806. When you saw the two towers did you really want the Ents (Treebeard etc.)to get involved in the war?
I'm not sure

3807. Why didn't Merry and Pippin just allow the Ents to take them home to the shire?
To much pride

What could two tiny hobbits do in a great war?
More than you think

3808. Why did the elves go to Helm's Deep?
To get help

They had a dusty old alliance but they could have escaped and made a new and better life, without risking their lives.

3809. Who is the most heroic LOTR character and what makes them a hero?
I think Frodo, he did what he had to do, when it had to be done
3810. What characters in LOTR put their own interests before the interests of all?
Same wanted the ring, but Frodo talked him down

What characters put the interests of all above their own interests?
Frodo and Sam

3811. Aragorn left the elvish girl he loved. How could he leave someone he loved?
He knew he could protect her by leaving

Isn't love the highest thing that there is?
Happiness and Protection are also in the top

What could he possibly have valued higher than love that he left her for?

Do you agree with him?
I'm not sure

3812. What LOTR character displays the most humanity?

3813. What did you notice that was different between the Two Towers book and movie?
I don't know, Because I didn't read the book

3814. Why is Frodo so kind to Gollum?
I think it's an understanding that the ring made him that way and that he is not really like that

3815. You are in Helm's Deep on the eve of battle. Do you put on a suit of armor and fight, or crawl into the caves and hope to be protected?
Suit of armor and fight

3816. What have you risked your life for?

What would you?
Anything it takes

3817. With the constant threat of violence, war, nukes, terror, chemicle weapons, etc. aren't we all in a similar position to those in the Lord of the Rings?
Yes, and No; we have computers that control most of that, where I feel it's more of battle of brains than muscle
3818. How can we go on when the evil in this world is so powerful?
We live one at a time, most people are so busy with their own lives that they don't see the evil until they are caught up in it

How can we go on when so many awful things have happened?
They make us stronger as we conquer through them

3819. What is it that makes our Earth worth saving?
Life, Days in the fall, Winter, Good Food, Laughter, Sex
3820. Who's responsibility is it to save our world?
Those who want life

3821. Who was more technilogically advance in LOTR, the 'good guys' or the 'bad guys'?
Honestly I felt the bad guys had a bit more edge, but the good guys had more heart
3821. What was Tolkien saying by causeing the Ents (trees) to come together with the river (by breaking the dam) and over throw Sauromon?
That earth will help you if you respect it

3822. Should Wormtoung have been killed?
I'm not sure

Should Gollum?

Why or why not?
They were created by the ring, so I believe once the ring is destroyed that they will change for the better

3823. In the battlee for Middle Earth, which LOTR character would you most like to be like and why?
Frodo, and I am just one who does what they do because they have to be done

3824. Which character do you think you actually WOULD be the most like?

3825. What is the over all ___ that you took away with you from this movie?

lesson or message?
The truth hero does what needs to be done


**End LOTR**

3826. Why do most people associate being spiritual or connected to the world as being a hippy?
No, hippy are those who live off the earth with a directed spiritual connection, they purposely just try to go with the flow

3827. Why is passion and honest emotion equated with hallmark cards?
Many people feel that you can emotion in a song, poem, and greeting card
3828. What words set off alarms in your brain (for me it's anarchy, pagan, etc.)?
Woman, Fat

3829. Are you dancin in the dark?
I'm dancing on the couch but in the light

3830. Name 2 things you have never done in public:

1. Played in a Fountain

2. Streaked

3831. If you had to choose out of what you just named, which one WOULD you do in public?
Play in a Fountain

3832. Challenge yourself. Do whatever it is in public.

Why not?
No Fountains around here

What are you so terrified of?
Getting into trouble

3832. Is hell REALLY other people?

3833. Or would it be more hellish to live totally without other people?
It's a different type of hell

3834. Leggos or linkin logs?
Linkin Logs

3835. What books have you read more than once?
I can't think of any

3836. Do you get different things out of reading a book a second time a year or more after reading it the first time?
I probable would if I ever read a book a second time

Is it because you are a different person after time passes?
Probably I would have read it to fast

3837. The person who goes to ____ is not the same person who comes back. Fill in the blank with anything you think fits.
The Mountains

3838. Quick! Empty your brain here!
You don't have that long...I am currently on my Medical Insurance site trying to find cost of some medications and won't bring them up and the ones they do they don't cover it. You would think all insurance would pay for all diabetic medication. And I could go on.....

3839. What's the best movie soundtrack?
Dirty Dancing

3840. Tissues with or without aloe?

3841. Are you on any medication?
Yes, I am

3842. Does any part of your own body disgust you?
Yes, My stomach

If yes, isn't that odd?
It's just fat

What could have caused that feeling of disgust with your own body?
It's too fat, I want a flatter tummy, not too skinny, just enough to let me have curves, support my breast, but thin enough for a bathing suit
3843. Want some popcorn?
No, got any animal crackers?

3844. What if Atlas shrugged?
I don't know

3845. Who has led the most interesting life?
Abraham Lincoln

3846. What movies are comming out next year that you are looking forward to?
The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes ..... Three Days To Kill ..... Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes .....

3847. If someone is half man and half dog is he his own best friend?

3848. Paper or plastic?

3849. Why did things make sense in childhood, but they don't now?
People don't use enough imagination... it's fun to pretend and everything made sense

3850. Is it crazy time?
It's always crazy time

3851. If there is a lotto with 50 numbers, and a player picks 6 numbers without repeating any, what are their chances of getting all 6 winning numbers?
It's at least 1 in a million shot {The Mega Millions Match 5 + Powerball = 1:80,089,128}

3852. If there were no laws and no rules name 3 things you would do that you don't/wouldn't/can't do now?
{1} Not Pay Taxes
{2} Go Braless and Shirtless
{3} Drive without license {long as I felt good}

3853. It's a costume party. What will your costume be if the theme is:

the 70's?
Bell-Bottoms and Tyed-Dyed Shirt

Tights ~ Crimped hair

under the sea?
The Little Mermaid

3854. Have you ever wanted to release the lobsters from those tanks in restraunts and put them back in the sea?
Never thought about it, It wouldn't matter to me I don't like lobster

3855. How funky is your chicken?
I have no funky chicken

How loose is your goose?
It's really loose

3856. What's your favorite animal out of these: emu, otter, duck billed platypus, moose, skunk?
Duck Billed Platypus

3857. priest, rabbi, or other religious leader, a judge, or a sea captain to perform your wedding?
Other religious leader {Pastor}

3858. Do you think that it's okay for people to write their own wedding vows?

3859. Rank these as places to be married. 1 = best.

Your House or Yard ~~3

The Beach ~~5

A Park ~~2

Disneyland ~~6

A Forest ~~4

A Catering Hall ~~7

Las Vegas~~10

A church or temple ~~ 1

A Courthouse ~~8

On a Boat~~9

On a Space Station ~~11

3860. The Earth is doomed. A giant asteroid is headed our way. It will decimate the planet in 3.2 days. You and your family own a space pod and you have room for 7 people from the list below. Everyone else dies. Who do you pick?

Orlando Bloom, Justin Timberlake, Joan Jett, John Denver
Baby Eve (the first human clone), Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, George W Bush, David Bowie, Charleton Heston, Ralph Nader, Moby, Jeff Bridges, Kelly Osbourne, Frank Zappa, Bill Clinton, Britney Spears, Osama Bin Laden
The Pope, Eminem, Madonna
John Denver....Jennifer Lopez....Johnny Depp....David Bowie.....Jeff Bridges.....Britney Spears....Madonna.... I would also like my Husband, Stepchildren, grandchildren, family and friends

3861. Rank the following dead people in order of who you would like to spend the day with. 1 = you'd like to hang out with them the most.

Joan of Arc~~4

Groucho Marx~~6

John Lennon~~5

Joey Ramone~~7

Anton Levay~~9


Jack Kerouac~~8


John F Kennedy ~~2

Lucielle Ball ~~1

Jim Morrison~~12

3862. If you could grant immortality to one person you know (can't be yourself) who would you give it to?
My Husband

3863. If you could grant immortality to one person who you do not know personally but know of (writer, politician, etc) who would you give it to?
Sylvia Browne

3864. Name a person you love:

Name a person you admire:

Name a friend:

Name a relative:

If you had to condemn one of them to death to save the lives of the others who would it be and why?
I would say take me instead

3865. Would you rather be one of Santa's elves or a dentist?
Santa's Elves

3866. When you first meet people what do you talk to them about?
Small talk, weather, hobbies

3867. You have been invited to a party with any sports team in the world. Which one?
Pittsburg Steelers

3868. Finish the sentances.

In a world where: you can be anything you want.

He was: someone I use to love

She was: the one who started the drama

Together, they were: An unhappy couple

Why do so many movie trailers start off by saying 'In a world..'?
It builds suspense and creates a big picture

3869. Make up a superhero with really unhelpful powers:
whistles when he flies, x-ray vision on female clothes only, gliding

3870. A couple of days ago this guy won 14 million dollars and tried to donate 1 million to the salvation army. The salvation army turned the money down saying they didn't want dirty gambling money. Did they do the right thing?
No, they should accept the money as it is to help other people

3871. If you had a spare million for charity work who would you donate it to?
Help a cure for cancer

3872. What's the craziest most shocking moment of rock and roll history that you can think of?
I don't know, I never was into Rock And Roll

3873. Why is it that if a man kills another man in battle it's called heroic, but if he kills a man in the heat of passion, it's called murder?
It depends what is going on... most of the times in battle you are defending yourself: it's kill or be killed. The thing is in the "heat of passion" you have ways to stop without always leave an opening and it's not murder

3874. What kind of punishment do you feel the following crimes deserve:

premeditated murder?

date rape?
They get anal rape in prison

drug sales?
Trip on strong drugs {a lot people tat sales drugs don't use}

drug use?
15 to 20 years in a padded room so they don't have no excess to any in prison

Fingers cut off

3875. If you could kiss anyone in the world on midnight at new year's eve, who would be the lucky one?
The love of my life, my husband

3876. You have just taken two sexy people prisoner because they found your hide out and you think they are spies. What do youd do: kill them, hump them or have crumpets and tea?
Have crumpets and have their tea poison and hide their bodies

3877. What is your new year's resolution?
To lose weight

3878. Should the U.S. focus more on the threat from N. Korea or Iraq?
N. Korea

3879. Would you ever have plastic surgery?

3880. How can George Bush be considered a Christian when he a war-monger and the ten comandments say do not kill?
It's different when it is to kill or be killed

3881. What is the most inetesting premise for a reality tv show that you can think of?
I have no idea, I don't like reality shows

3882. Who is the Hollywood Star next to die of a drug overdose?
I have no idea

3883. Do you find yourself caring a lot about online people, even if you haven't met or spoken to them off of the computer?
I care about some

3884. When you hear the song puff the magic dragon what do you think?
When I was young, a green dragon

3885. Let's give you a tarot reading. Go on, ask any question:
Will I hit the lottery big?

first card: the reversed high priestess.

you may be expecting things to come too easily. You should be careful not to give up if they dont go your way. You're feeling a desire to escape, to withdraw into yourself. Shrug off your current lack of focus and work diligently to acheive the goals you want.

second card: the reversed hanged man.

You shouldnt be close-minded with your situation. There are many alternatives and possible solutions to your problems. Try something new.

The last card: Justice.

what goes around comes around. Seek advice on the matters at hand from elders. Do healthy things, spiritually and physically.

3886. What does 'boo' mean and how did it become a slang word of affection?
I'm not sure, we just said it enough for it to lose and change meaning

3887. How often do you stretch?
Every morning

3888. Have you ever wished that you didn't have to be yourself?
No, I never wanted to be anyone else

3889. Would you rather wear shoes full of earthworms or a hat full of spiders?
Neither really, but, if I had to choose, it would be shoes full of earthworms

3890. What are some things that for most people go unsaid?
You don't look right in that outfit/dress

3891. I said, 'Play me the best song in the world.' You put on:
The Keepers Of The Stars .... By Tracy Byrd

3892. What happened last year that you would like to forget?
A special Niece and Two sister ~ in ~ laws that I cared very much about, all stopped talking to me because I talked to another niece they all didn't like.

3893. What are you not able to do alone?
I can't go anywhere alone

3894. Do you feel more connected to earth air fire or water and why?
Earth and Air.....My sign is earth and I need Air

3895. Which two words belong together and why: life, seawater, chocolate, blood, hair piece
Life and Blood...If you lose your blood then you won't have life to live

3896. If con is the opposite of pro, what's the opposite of progress?

3897. Have you ever wanted to meet the inspectors with the numbers for names(i.e. inspected by 36)?

3898. Who is the most thought-provoking person you know, &why?
JR, always goes over my head

3899. If you could change 1 thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be & why?
I would have exercised today, if I did I would have to tomorrow

3900. What is the most bizarre thing you've ever done?
I'm not sure

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