Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Second June Blogging Challenge: Day 19

My Second June Blogging Challenge

I came across this June Blog over at Paula's Place.
This is my second June Blogging Challenge. Lets see if I can keep up on both of them this month.
And here are the list of prompts for June. There is no rules. Just do what you can. And  hope over to link up
 at Paula's Place
The prompts were provided for us by Allison (Kwizgiver) at 

I love the title of her blog.


Disrespecting Parents ~ I think kids today have no idea what the word respect is about.
Yes, my parents and didn't agree on everything, but I never tried to disrespect them.
If my brothers and I would say half the things kids say to their parents today, we would have had a back hand to remind us that is not respectful.
My parents was always good to us and they deserve all the respect in the world! Which they had gotten.

When I hear someone disrespect their mother or father I have to walk away cause I want to say something.
The sad think is the kids today won't realize how disrespectful they was till their parents aren't around.


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  1. I wonder if they will even realize it then!