Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's Chattin' Time On Tuesday 98

It's Chattin' Time On Tuesday

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{1} Is there a friend or relative who has been on your mind a lot lately?
I have been thinking about my Aunt Betty And Aunt Lois a lot.
I should go see my Aunt Betty the next time I'm in Pa or write her a letter {she's in a nursing home} And write a letter to my Aunt Lois who lives in Arizona.
{2} Do you sunburn?
I'm 49 and never burnt in my life. I would have a nice tan in one day if I would lay out. If I stay out in the sun a lot I would get black as a ace of spades.
{3} If you were visiting my farm for a week {or weekend} would you want to cook with me, pick veggies or pull weeds with the farm crew, or just feed Wendell carrots until he outgrew his horse suit?
I really don't like to cook, though I would make the desserts.
I wouldn't mind doing any of them, I think each day I would do something different {except cook,unless desserts}
{4} Do you like to tell jokes or hear them?
Hear jokes, the way my memory is I don't remember a joke
{5} Do you wear sunglasses often?
Living in PA I would buy them and one of my nieces would borrow them and forget where they got them from.
I need to get a pair, since I live here in Ohio around no family I would be able to wear them myself.


  1. Funny questions with your great answers!

  2. Great answers....I can never remember jokes either
    Thank you for sharing

    Phoebe x

  3. I'm bad at telling jokes because of my memory, too. I ramble through them to the point that they're just not funny. OY!

    I bet that your aunts would love to get a letter from you. I wrote to two of my aunts a little over a week ago and am awaiting their responses. I can't wait to get their letters. I always loved writing to my grandma's sister when I was a little girl.

    I hope that you have a great week!