Friday, June 14, 2013

My Second June Blogging Challenge: Day 14

My Second June Blogging Challenge

I came across this June Blog over at Paula's Place.
This is my second June Blogging Challenge. Lets see if I can keep up on both of them this month.
And here are the list of prompts for June. There is no rules. Just do what you can. And  hope over to link up at Paula's Place

The prompts were provided for us by Allison (Kwizgiver) at 
I love the title of her blog.

My earliest memory....When it happened my Sister didn't think it was funny at the time but she does laugh about it now.
My sister is 14 years older than me. She was married and had her first baby when I was 3 years old.
I remember my brother ~ in ~ law Jim, my sister and nephew Jimmy came to our house when she got discharge from the hospital May 8,1967. My brother ~ in ~ law had to go to work a few hours and didn't want my sister alone the first day home.
I was three years old and Jimmy was a new born. She had him laying on the couch and a bottle sitting on the coffee table ~ It was almost time for his feeding. She was out in the kitchen talking to our Mother.
Well, I remember it so well.
I picked up the bottle and hit Jimmy on the head, Of course he started crying. I was going to do it again but my sister came in cause he was crying and she yelled at me.
What can I say I was the baby!
Jimmy and I grew up more like brother and sister then nephew and aunt.
I also remember I was 5 and my nephew Jimmy was 2, I had just learned how to write my ABC's. I stood on my bed and wrote the ABC's on my bedroom wall and blamed them on Jimmy. He was the only one around and I had to blame it on someone.


  1. Oh my! Hitting that tiny baby in the head. You were upset weren't you. And then blaming him for the ABc's. Loved these stories!!!

  2. Bet they were cautions about leaving you alone in the room with him after that. Nice you became friends after that.
    First Memory