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June ~ 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27


I’m joining Katie at So, Funny Story... this month for her 30 Day Blog Challenge.

You can join this challenge too! Visit Katie’s blog here and see the details, including all 30 prompts for the month.  It looks like a fun challenge.

                                                                  DAY 27: YOUR PETS

I think this is one of my favorite days!!:) I love talking about my babies!
Princess...... A Boston Terrier. She just turn 9 on June 17
First I should say I don't / didn't like dogs.
My stepdaughter gave Princess to my hubby for fathers day. If it was any other day I probable would have said NO DOGS! But, how could I being father's day. Princess was only 2 years old when we got her. I say we cause you would think she was mine.
When we got her, her name was Sophie. Had her about a week, she wouldn't look at us or answer to her. I said one day to her "I don't like the name Sophie either, I don't know why someone would call you that when you look so much like a Princess." Soon as I said Princess she turn and ran and jumped over a coffee table on to my lap where I was sitting on the couch.
Princess was abused by a man and that's why it took her a long time to be around JR.
Princess is and always was calm.
She loves playing with tennis balls, specially ropes and she goes crazi over her volley ball. It so funny when she tries to pick the volley ball up with her teeth.
Princess is very protective of me. When I am home by myself she will let you in but, leaving you out is another story, unless she knows you. A strange man, going to be lucky if you make it in, if so your not leaving at all. JR had walked in the house one time with sunglasses on an Princess didn't know him, boy, was she going after him. Thank goodness JR was quick taking the glasses off.
I take seizures and Princess can sense when they are coming on, She will try and push me and barks {she hardly ever barks} at me till I sit down. She won't leave my side till I come through, Unless she hears JR coming in the she will run back and forth to JR and Me really fast then JR knows something is wrong.
Princess loves Peanut Butter Bread. I know it's not to good for them so she only gets it once in awhile.
When she's sleeping she wants under a blanket. She loves to sneak up in bed to sleep, till JR kicks her out. Soon as he gets up in the morning she is back up in bed. She does have a bed on the bedroom floor next to our bed.
Let's see?!
We breeded her twice with my stepdaughters dog, I think that's really the reason why she gave Princess to her dad for.
Frist litter she had 3 pups. One died, Dotti took one and I will get to the other shortly.....
The second litter, If I didn't see it I wouldn't have believed it!! She had 13 pups! That's a lot at one time, and they are only suppose to have 3 to 4 at one litter. One out of 13 died at birth and one died at 3 month from a heart attack. We did end up getting rid of all the pups. We never breeded Princess after that.
Princess loves car rides. If you go out side she does need a special invitation, You need to walk out first and say come on Princess. When she is out side, you don't have to be with her cause she will stay right in front of the door unless you are outside, If you are outside she will run the yard.

You remember I had told you Princess first litter she had 3 pups, One died and Dotti took one.
The third pup, I had this GREAT idea, well, I thought it was! After 5 years I came to realize I didn't have such a great idea!
My idea was to keep a pup {the runt} and JR would get rid of both dogs.  Wasn't that a great idea?!
After 5 years we still have Princess and...........
Angel.....She turned 5 in March. Let me tell ya did I ever name her wrong. She should have been called "Trouble", "Demon", "Devil", "Satin" or anything on that order cause let me tell you she is NO Angel!!! Not even close to it, not even when she's sleeping.
Angel was so hard to train, we bought those pads to lay to train her to go on them. She wouldn't she tore them up instead.
I don't know how many pairs of work shoes JR went through when Angel  was a pup. She only chewed up his shoes when I left the house, even if JR was home she would sneak off where he couldn't see her and chew on his shoes.
I had three bags of that white pillow filling in the living room and JR and I went out when we got home it looked like it snowed in the living room, Dinning room and Kitchen, how do I know it was Angel when we walked in she was on the third bag and Princess was in the bedroom.
We had / have to hide our garbage cause this little Angle loves to knock it over.
I really believe Angel should have been a cat...She has 9 lives! I think Angel should be dead! No, really! You have to watch her every second, even with her being 5 years old.
In the past, she had drank / eaten what ever you want to call each item......Bleach water, Paint, Paint Thinner, Stripper, Pinesole with Bleach water, Stain, Chocolate, 7 Venus Razors, Taffy, Carper Fresher {off the rug}, Poison oranges off my orange tree. That's what I know of. I thought I had ever thing out of her reach but, I guess I didn't. Yes she climbs.
There isn't no table food she don't like. But we have to watch giving her table food cause she has to much she won't eat her food.
Let's See?!
Angel doesn't have a favorite toy. She plays with any toy that she can take off of Princess, except for the volley ball she has no interest in it at all.
She is are explorer, You have to really watch her cause there isn't anywhere she won't go or get into. She sneaks over to the frog pond and jumps in to try and catch some frogs.
You can't leave Angel outside by herself unless you put her on a chain, she tries to go down to the river and knowing Angel she would probable jump in.
Angel always has to be touching someone! I guess that is my fault, She was an hour old and I took her away from Princess and held her the I would put her back so she could eat and when she was done I would take her for another hour to hold her and so on......
If you go outside she thinks she has to go, you go to put your shoes on she is next to you, grab your keys she's at the door before you.
She loves car rides and if she sees our car door open when we are cleaning it she jumps in thinking she is going somewhere.
I have to hunt my shoes every day cause she hides them. I guess that is telling me I'm not going no where.
When Angel sleeps she needs a pillow and blanket. And when she sits most of the time she sits on her but.
When Angel sneaks up it bed she loves laying on my legs.
Angel is a good watch dog like Princess.

They are my babies and I would get rid of them for the world.
I do have to say they are spoiled. Princess and Angel thinks they have the run of the house.


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