Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Second June Blogging Challenge:Day 25

My Second June Blogging Challenge

I came across this June Blog over at Paula's Place.
This is my second June Blogging Challenge. Lets see if I can keep up on both of them this month.
And here are the list of prompts for June. There is no rules. Just do what you can. And  hope over to link up at Paula's Place
The prompts were provided for us by Allison (Kwizgiver) at 

I love the title of her blog.


This is going to be a more of a trait than a specific person.

But, I love these kind of people, I think because they have personality or an outlook on life that I just wished I had. Sometimes I do good, but most of the time, I feel pretty much like a Grinch.

It fascinates me when people are just in total acceptance of who they are, and they love themselves. This sounds terrible, I know, and don't get me wrong, this is a great thing to have. But, I'm just like "How do you do it?" I'm always looking at things I should be fixing about myself, or pointing out my flaws. Yes, I know, I'm human. I'll make mistakes, and I'll never be perfect or be able to please everyone. I just think that I am not good enough for myself. I am always putting myself down, because I feel and think I can do better. There is always room for improvement ad learning, and I really take that to heart.
I wish I could wake up with so much passion, knowing that new days bring new experiences, and just having that positive attitude. I'm no good at it. Even writing this I'm like Oh my, I am horrible. But I just admire people that have that kind of attitude and it is constant, they have that attitude every day without fail.
I don't always have this horrible attitude and am like life sucks. I hate this and everything, but, I could do better.


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