Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's Chattin' Time On Tuesady # 97

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Everyday Ruralty

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{1} How many times a week do you have a green or veggie salad?
2 or 3, Unless we go out then I will have move.
{2} Do you pray? { You may skip this if you do not wish to answer}
Yes, Everyday
{3} What season is your birthday? You do not need to give us the date.
I'm a spring baby
{4} Do you have dinner guests often,  every now and then or not at all? Wendell says he can be there for dinner as quick as a wink!
When we lived in PA, we had dinner guest often. Some we had invited and some invited themselves {which was fine with us}.
Here in Ohio we had our landlord and her son, who lives upstairs for dinner twice. Can't wait till we meet a lot more people so we can have over. I miss people showing up unexpectedly! And having people over for WWE Pay Previews. {Wendell is welcome anytime}
{5} Could you describe yourself as a DIY ~ Do It Yourselfer?
On a few things, Not to many


  1. One thing that we don't have in common - I've never liked having surprise visitors. I like to know when someone is coming so that, hopefully, everything will be perfect when they get here. We live on such a tight budget that I'd have to know in advance to be able to feed extra folks.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Have a great week!

  2. I don't like visitors-- surprise or otherwise, because I never feel like I can relax with someone else in my house. I'm definitely an introvert.

  3. Wendell would be happy to know he is invited, but he eats like a horse! :)