Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June~30 Day Blog Challenge:Day 12


I’m joining Katie at So, Funny Story... this month for her 30 Day Blog Challenge.

You can join this challenge too! Visit Katie’s blog here and see the details, including all 30 prompts for the month.  It looks like a fun challenge.

                                         DAY 12: WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?

I believe a lot and feel strongly about what I believe. However, I am always open to learning what and why people feel a certain way. In order to truly believe something, I feel you must have reason, knowledge, and facts...I will never just believe something, just to believe it or because I was told to believe it. Everything should be questioned all the time...especially if it's a belief you are going to preach, defend, or even simply discuss.

I BELIEVE.......

** In God

** That Family Is VERY Important!

** Tomorrow Is Not Promised

** That without Love, You Have Nothing

** In Being A Patriotic American

** In Always Trying Your Best

** That You Should Always Be There For Your Loved Ones

** In Working Hard

** In Not Taking Life Too Serious

** In Passion

** In Everyone!


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