Monday, June 3, 2013

5000 Question: Part~Thirty-Seven


Part Thirty-Eight

3601. What brands do you like?

3602. What do you think of the 'don't ask don't tell' policy of gays in the millitary?
I think it should be told, cause it should be some ones choice to be around gays

3603. Why do you think that so many people have such a problem with gays?
Cause people believes a relationship should be between a man and a woman like the bible says,
Now to get off the gay subject.

3604. It seems like it is more accepted for a woman to be bi or gay than for a man. Why do you think that is?
Who knows ~ To me it's all the same man or woman being bi or gay.
You ever notice if a group a friends are out and 2 woman goes to the bathroom together nothing is ever said, but, 2 guys go to the bathroom together  there is always talk.
People is weird

3605. When a kid kisses another kid on the playground is it sexual harassment?
You would hope not, but I know a young kid{boy} 11 who tried something with a 8 year old girl

3606. If you had to name your self after an object in the room with you what would you pick?
Angel Doll

3607. Pick the two most important things out of these: writing deep thoughts, expressing your self clearly, being honest, finding new novel ways to waste time, being organized, practicing what you want to do, trying to be famous
Being Honest And Expressing Your Self Clearly

3608. You were only waiting for this momen to -----
Sit and relax

3609. Knowing historically that native American indians were and are the first americans, how do you feel about america and current Americans?
As many horribly atrocious things we've done to other beings, I'm still impressed with "Americans."

3610. Just what exactly determines whether or not one is 'mental'?
We're all mental. Some are just better at hiding it.

3611. is it true that people with depression CAN'T function in society?
Nope, People just think they can't. I function pretty good

3612. fill in the word: half of what i say is -----------
One one ~ millionth of what I think.

3613. Some people believe the Holocaust was a hoax?. What do you think of this?
I think that's pretty insulting to everyone who had to go through that, as well as all their living relatives

3614. Does EVERYONE in the world care about how they look except YOU?
A lot of people only cares about how they look

3615. Do you love italian names like Lorenzo, Gaetano, and Grazziano?
I like uncommon names but I don't care for those

3616. Everyone does horrible things.
Not everyone

Do you think that people are more accepting of the bad things they do themselves or the bad things others do?
More accepting of what they do themselves

Which are you more accepting of?
What I do my self

3617. Is it true that NO ONE wants to date grumpy people?
True, It makes you grumpy your self when your around a grumpy people

3618. Bush and his henchmen have now come up with a list of people for the CIA to assassinate. What do you think of this?
Dated survey is dated

3619. Why is it that in many states sodomy and oral sex are still illegal, even if they are consensual?
Oral sex is illegal?

3620. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of:


David Cameron


nobel peace prize winners?

black panthers?
My Dad

time magazine?
Henry Luce

Buzz Cuts. HAHA

3621. Order these issues from most important and needing to be dealt with to least important and we can put it off:
aids cure,
the middle east,
putting power back in the hands of the people,
the environment,
better education
The Environment...Better Education...Putting Power Back In The Hands Of The People...The Middle East...Racism...Aids Cure...Cloning

3622. Do you feel like you are missing out because you can only know a certain number of people in this world and you can't know everyone?
Not really

3623. What do you imagine being a soldier in a war is actually like?
Probably a lot worse then I can imagine

3624. Do you agree that woman should be allowed to enlist in the army?

3625. What is the purpose of government?
Good question. I don't think they know anymore

3626. Why don't people believe in free love anymore?
Don't they?

3627. Do you make desicions with your head or your heart?

3628. What is the differance between sympathy and empathy?
Sympathy = What you feel when you share emotions with a person but haven't gone through whatever is causing their emotions.
Empathy = What you feel when you share emotions with a person while having the experience personally of whatever is causing their emotions.

3629. Can you think of any person or group you cannot empathsize with?

3630. Like creme savers?
There okay

3631. Your best friends asks you to marry them Out of the blue. You say:
I'm married to my best friend! And Diane never would because neither one of us is like that

3632. What makes you feel seriously depressed?
Many different things

3633. Have you personaly worked for peace?
In my own way

3634. Do you suppress parts of yourself because you are afraid of judgement?
Welcome to life

3635. Do you take in the ideas and opinions of others too often?
Sure do

3636. 36 - 24 - 36?

3637. What just isn't right?

3638. What makes your blood boil??
Lots a things, you really don't want me to go into it

3639. Have you ever gone to the bathroom in a place that wasn't a bathroom?

3640. Want some water melon?
Watermelon awesome!!

3641. What's your favorite gum?

3642. What do you imagine going to Harvard is like?
Scary ~ Preppy

3643. What would you get rid of forever if you had to choose snow or rain?

3644. Is there a santa clause?
Only if you believe

3645. Do you understand yourself?

Do you understand everyone else?

3646. Do you think there is a connection between understanding yourself and understanding others?
To an extent, but nothing major in my opinion

3647. What's good?
Super Hot Wings ~ Wrestling

3648. Have you ever played dodge ball?
Yes, but I haven't played in along time

3649. Is there anything you feel men can do better than woman?
Create Sperm

3650. Is there anything you feel woman can do better than men?
Carry a baby

3651. What do you think of jazz?
I'm not a fan of it

3652. Why do you suppose Christmas has more hype than Chanucka?
Lots more Christmas + much more commercially tappable

3653. What is like a rock?
Carryin' the weight like a rock

3654. Who do you 100% trust?
My husband

3655. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?
I will starting October

3656. Have you done anything nice for your neighbors this year?
The ones that live in the upstairs apartment ~ I don't know my other neighbors

3657. What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?
I don't know

3658. What things (not people) would you miss most if you were locking the big brother house for weeks on end?
My laptop, Tv to watch wrestling

3659. Use five words to describe your life now.
Great, Wonderful, Awesome, Terrific, Amazing

3660. Use five words to describe your family.
Strange,  Nuts, Weird, Small, Awesome

3661. Use five words to describe your childhood.
Shy, Happy, Imaginative, Wonderful, Impactful

3662. Who has seen the wind?
Who hasn't

3663. what's the point of MLA format? Why can't students just freely write their gathered info and opinions the way they feel is best for them?
Because standards are easier in the sense that it makes it easiest for others to recover the information's source if they want it. Also, MLA > APA in terms of making sense.

3664. What's your favorite fairy tale?

3665. How will explain god to your children (or a child)?
I don't have any children that I have to explain God to. My 3 stepchildren believes in God

3666. Is this question satanic?
Why would it be?

3667. Name a person that you love.

Describe how they look:

Describe how they sound:

Describe how they smell:
Like Old Spice

Describe how they feel:
Like a teddy bear

Describe how they taste:

3668. What will last longer, the moon or the human race?
The moon

3669. Whose lives do you value more; those of your country or all of humanity?
All of humanity

3670. If the jehovas witnesses dropped by your house what would you do?
I would tell them I was busy I couldn't talk at the moment

3671. Someone you work with or go to school with is giving you a surprise gift. Would you like it better if it were a talking teddybear or a mini tarot deck?
Mini tarot deck

3672. Where does the sky begin? Just above the ground?
Wherever "the limit" is

3673. What's the most romantic thing to do?
Candle light dinner and conversation

3674. What's your most twisted, perverted or odd fantasy?
HAHA, Like I'm telling

3675. What's wrong with lieing?
The spelling

3676. If you could have lunch with any _______ who would it be?

rock star?

Sam Elliott / Julia Roberts

political leader?

historical figure?
Mark Twain

dead person?
Abe Lincoln

person from your past?
Parents / Grandparents

person in the world?
Living or dead?

Sylvia Browne

Vincent Van Gogh

fictional character?
Scooby Doo

Disney character?

What's a samurai?
Japanese Warriors

3677. Dedicate a song to someone right now.
To the love of my life

3678. It's christmas eve at ten o'clock at night and YOU HAVE NO SHOPPING DONE! The only thing that's open is the grocery store and the drug store. Do you do all your christmas shopping in the grocery and drug store?
Probably the drug store cause they have every thing now

3679. If superman is so powerful how does he get with Louis Lane? Wouldn't he kill her?
Doesn't superman only go after the bad guys? Louis Lane is a good person

3680. What do you think of

Jane Fonda?
I like her

Alan Alda?
I like him

3681. Remember Mary Poppins?
Yes I do

Feed the birds tuppence a bag.

What  is 'tuppence'?
Two ~ Pence / Penny

3682. What was the saddest most tear jerking heart wrenching moment of the movie Titanic?
I always thought it was very sad when the old couple in third class is holding each other in their bed as the ship starts going under

3683. Would you like a nice hot bath?
Yes I would but, we only have a shower

3684. Why is jesus always pictured as white when he came from the middle east and was probably middle eastern?
If you perhaps "create" a person in your mind, or if you try to picture someone you've never seen before, they're probably going to have the same skin color as you or as the majority of people you see in your day ~ to ~ day life.

This is what happened with Jesus ~ we don't know what he looks like, so when imagining it, artists etc. saw him as with the skin color of them / the people around them

3685. Which is worse: Sand in your underwear or Sand in your mouth?
Sand in your mouth

3686. Has President Bush made his case for war with Iraq?
Let's leave him in the past, even though the repercussions of his actions are still with us

3687. Should Senator Lott resign (or have resigned) his leadership post?
Again I say, "dated survey is dated"

3688. If you could pick time's person of the year who would you pick?
I'm not really sure

3689. Name all the people you know who you are attracted to and what is attracctive about them?
JR, his eyes

3690. What does RSVP actually mean?
RSVP of the Acronym of French phrase "Repondez Sil Vous Plais". English: "Reply If You Please"

3691. Is rhyming fun?
Sure is

3692. Are your dreams violent?
Most of the time

3693. What 3 questions would you love to ask either your mom or your dad?
They are both gone, but, if I could still ask them, it would be....
1} Dad did I do the right thing by taking you out of the hospital and bring you to live with JR
     JR and I?
2} What is it like on the other side?
3} Can youns really see us to watch over us?

3694. What are the hardest words to say?
I'm sorry

3695. Should I smile because we're friends or cry because that's all we'll ever be?

3696. What do you think of the slogan 'you laugh because i'm different. I laugh because you are all the same'

3697. How do you stop dry elbows?
Keep lotion on them all the time

3698. Why don't people MAKE gifts more often?
I honestly don't know. No time

3699. Tell it to the world! Read my lips:
I'm a BLACK {last name} and always will be, no matter who likes it or not! {long story ~ short version, I was told being married to a Black doesn't make me one}

3700. Do you like those plastic couch coverings?
No, hate them!

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