Sunday, June 16, 2013

June ~ 30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16


I’m joining Katie at So, Funny Story... this month for her 30 Day Blog Challenge.

You can join this challenge too! Visit Katie’s blog here and see the details, including all 30 prompts for the month.  It looks like a fun challenge.

                            DAY 16: SHARE SOMETHING YOUR OCD ABOUT....

For those of who have been my friends for an absolute lifetime....This will not surprise them.

I could not think of ANYTHING I am OCD about!

I am messy and untidy, although I hate being messy and untidy, I always seem to be cleaning and carrying things from room to room.

I always had this little saying.... If you come to see...Please feel free and welcome to come{pop in} anytime of the day or night....If you come to see my house you better call and make an appointment!

I do have two stupid {I'm sure there is probable more if I really stop and think} little habits, like......

My drinking glasses in the cupboard, I have to have at least 12 matching with no odd ball glasses.
My Stepson brings me a glass every time they go on vacation, I try to put them in my cupboard but ending up removing them cause it drives me crazy. He has gotten me 9 already as soon as he gets me 3 more I am going to try and change my glasses and think of them the same "Chad's Vacation Glasses", It will be a try.

Now, my Coffee Mugs, they can all be different ~ mix match, whatever though ALL mugs has to be upside down and handles has to be inward.

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