Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pondering with a Purpose


It's Thursday! One of my favorite days. I came across a little "pondering" with Brenda from
Pondering with a Purpose - Stress

Her rules are really easy:

1. Grab the Pondering with a Purpose Badge (in her sidebar)
2. Look at the week's prompt
3. Post something on your blog that relates to the prompt - it can be a story, a poem, a picture -- anything you want it to be.
4. Go back here and add the URL from your post to the linky list on Brenda's.
5. Go check out the other bloggers who have added their links to the list.
6. AND most of all.... Have fun!
Today's prompt is: STRESS
Me Stress?! I stress over everthing little thing!
When we moved out here to Mantua, Ohio from PA I got to be...Stress free from family drama!!
The first thing that came to my mind is those normal things....
Like when..The furnace went when it was 8 degrees
about..When the water pipe busted in the kichen
Winter Storm and the roads are bad will hubby make it to work and home safe
Will I make it up to the mail box and back without having a seizure {Stress does bring seizures on}
Car is broke down will the truck keep going to we get the car fixed
Missing my grandchildren
Daughter-In-Law pregnant, hopefully everything goes well for her, will we make it in to PA when she delivers
I stress over things I have no control over....


  1. I think it's the same for all of us...the bad things happen at the absolute worst time and just make a bad situation worse. No wonder we stress!

  2. I agree, we tend to stress most about the worries we have no control over, and a whole lotta stuff that will hopefully never happen, along with all the daily little problems that do. That's where prayer comes in... Let Go, Let God! Easy to say, sometimes a little harder to do! :-)

  3. You definitely hit it on the head: stressing over things we have no control over. It is the worst feeling -- and yet, we all fall victim to it. I find it helps if I don't stop at the "What If?".....I just follow the thought through and the strange thing is....I always discover a solution to whatever that "What If" was. then I feel better.