Wednesday, February 27, 2013

30 Days Of Blogging Prompts Day 26 and 27

I found the 3o Days Of Blogging Prompts over at Kisha Jaggers at The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife
Who is joining up with Brooke with Covered in Grace for this 30 Days of Blogging Prompts! It should be a lot of fun.

30 days of blogging prompts.


Day 26: What popular notion do you think the world has wrong?
That Napoleon Bonaparte was a vertically challenged man. Really.
Did you know that, though he was supposedly only 5'2", that's in French feet? It's true! He actually was 5'7" by our standards, which was the average height for a man in his time. It's believed that he was called "The Little Colonel" as a term of endearment, and less as a joust at his small stature.

Day 27: What is your favorite part of your body and why?
My Heart! You can never beat a sweet heart.
Second....My Eyes...They're the best looking part on me.And I've always believed that eyes say alot.

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