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30 Days Of Blogging Prompts Day 24

I found the 3o Days Of Blogging Prompts over at Kisha Jaggers at The Glamorous Life of a French Housewife
Who is joining up with Brooke with Covered in Grace for this 30 Days of Blogging Prompts! It should be a lot of fun.

30 days of blogging prompts.


Day 24: Describe your family dynamic from your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

My Family......

My Mother.... She was my Best Friend! She really never wanted to go anywhere she was alwayes happy being at home. She did look forward to July 4 for our family reunion going to my Uncle Ed's. We spent alot of time together. Though she was in and out of the hospital for years as I was growing up. She could always find the good in everyone even the worst person.
My mother was a good,loving person! My sister,brothers and I always came first. She was the easy parent, Dad would ground us and soon as he left she would say okay you can go out.
R.I.P. May 16,1992

My Dad....He was a good hard working man, dependable father and was always there for us no matter what! I was his shadow, he took me everywhere with him.
He would and did anything for us till the day he passed away.
R.I.P. October 6,2011
My Mom and Dad was/is my heros! I can honestly say I was very lucky to have them as my parents!

My Half Sister Linda....{Mom's Daughter} We wasn't always close. Maybe that was because she is 14 years older than me. She was married and had her first baby when I was 3. We would argue alot when I was growing up and never agreed on anything.
Though she would always come and get me, she would call and tell our Mom get me ready she was coming after me. As I got older we became Best Friends.
Though she was the type if I wasn't happy she was. It seemed like she never wanted me to be happy. No matter who it was, if I liked the person she didn't. If i didn't like someone she loved them, female or male. For instants she knew my husband before I did {Hubby's oldest brother was her 5 th husband} My hubby was the greatest person in the world  in her eyes, until Hubby and I got together now she doesn't care for him.
Then in 2001 she got mad at me for going to visit my nephew {her son} and his wife that lifed next door to her and I didn't go see her. Now mind you I went to her house every single day, I missed one day, now mind you when I went to my nephews, my sister waster even home.
And we didn't talk for 4 years. I got with my hubby in 2003 and we got married in 2005.
I didn't want anyone except for my sister to make my wedding cake. So I called her and said "I know you don't want anything to do with me, But I would love for you to make my wedding cake, If you will just tell me what you need and I'll drop the stuff off when your at work" {She new what kind and shape of cake I wanted}. After that we started talking. The relationship wasn't/isn't the same but we have a relationship.  She had done alot for my wedding even though she tried to mess it up{that is another story}. And I know if there is anything I need she will be here for me.

My Oldest Btother Jimmy....He is 4 years older than me. We wasn't to close but he always made sure I had money for the football games or if I went anywhere. If I was home by myself he would call and check on me. He was/is a kind of person who thinks he was always right. Him and our sister was closer. We got along up until August 2011, when I took my Dad from the hospital and moved him in with my hubby and I {My dad wanted to come and live with us}. Jimmy thinks our Dad would have gotten better care in the hospital. Dad had cancer and there was nothing more the doctors was able to do. So now Jimmy and I haven't really talked since our dad passed away october 6,2011

My Brother Kenny....Two years older than me. We was and still very close. He was always protective of me and till this day he still is. He always looked after me. He always made sure I had money when I went somewhere. He was and still the greatest Big Brother ever!!

The last time we all had a picture taken together was at my wedding
August 13,2005

My Family now includes .....
The Love Of My Life

My Stepdaughter Dotti ~ 30

My Stepson Chad~~29

My Stepson Harry ~~ 25

My Grandchildren {Dotti's}

Jordyn 16
MacKenzie 11
Alexandria 10
Starr 7
Richie III~ 5
Mason 1
Harlie Quinn 7 months
I also have a granddaughter Riley 5 {Harry's}
No pictcher long story

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