Saturday, February 9, 2013

30 Days Of Blogging Prompts Day 1

I found the 3o Days Of Blogging Prompts over at Kisha Jaggers .
Who is joining up with Brooke with Covered in Grace for this 30 Days of Blogging Prompts! It should be a lot of fun.

30 days of blogging prom


Here is today question...........

Day 1: List 10 random facts about yourself.

{1} I take absence seizures and blackouts

{2} I only had my driver licenses for two years before the state took them off me
taking seizures and blackouts

{3} I don't wear much jewerly but have tons of it

{4} I collect recipes and hate to cook

{5} I started this blog as a secret not telling anyone about it {meaning my family and friends}

{6} I love horror movies

{7} I have had a crush on the wwe wrestler "The Undertaker" from the first day he was on
{going on 21 years now}

{8} I knew I was going to marry my husband on our first date {June 20,2003}

{9} I dated my husbands youngest brother in 1995

{10} My favorite song is "Keeper Of The Stars"

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