Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Stealing:The {20} First {Questions} Meme



First Job: Baby Sitting

First Real JobAfter school janitor helper at South Connellsville Elementry School

First Volunteer Job: At a church bazzar for my Aunts church

First Car: 1994 Teal Sundance

First Record: Jackson 5 Album

First Sport Played: Kickball

First Concert: Billy Rae Cyrus

First Country Visited: Canada

First Kiss: Bobby R. stole one from me on the way home from school in third grade ~ First real kiss age 12 from Dale

First Speech: Me give a speech?! I'll let ya know when that happens

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend: Dale

First Encounter with a Famous Person: When I was 17 I met a few of the cast from Days Of Our Lives and I met Matt Barr

First Brush With Death: Not sure

First House/Flat Owned: Trailer in Scottdale,PA

First Film Seen at a Cinema:Wizard Of Oz

First Media Appearance (Radio, Newspaper, TV): That's never going to happen

First Hospital Stay: Birth

First Book You Remember Reading: The Cat In The Hat

First Pet: Parakeets

First Election You Voted In: Never voted

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