Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Blogg

Well, This is stupid but I'm doing it.
I started blogger in 2010 under Havfaith
It was something noone knew I had. I mean people in my life like family and friends. Well yesterday I don't know how but one of my husbands niece found out. It's weird cause she don't have blogger. I want my page to be drama free and with her I know she will comment on things just to talk about people.
The only bad part about this for me I have to find all the ones I was following!
Am I wrong for starting a new blogg? How was I find without her being on blogg?


  1. No it's not wrong. I am having the same issue actually they won't comment on my post but they will text me about it I don't know how how you were found unless maybe you shared it on Google.? or Facebook.? Well i only posted mine on Google plus and blogger all of them is texting me about my blog. i don't know how they are looking it up but hope things are better.

    1. I don't share on google or facebook. I was told she found me on FB so I must of clicked on it when I went into someone blog without knowing I did. I know I go into some blogs and they want you to follow them through FB I don't want my blog to have nothing to do with my FB