Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Babies.....Princess And Angel

I love answering questions and love talking about my babies!

                                                    Here are the Questions

What kind of pet do you have? Dogs ~~ Boston Terriers


{1} Princess

{2} Angel

{1} 8 1/2
{2} 5 on March 24

{1} Boston Terrier
{2} Boston Terrier

Fur Color:
{1} Black & White
{2} Black & White

Fur type (long, coarse, curly):
{1} Short
{2} Short

Eye Color:
{1} Brown
{2} Brown


{1} Medium
{2} Medium

{1} Female
{2} Female


Where did you get him/her?
{1} Stepdaughter gave Princess to Hubby for fathers Day
{2} Princess

Runt of the litter?
{1} Don't know ~ She was 2 years old when we got her. She came from pound
{2} Angel was the runt

Any special stories about the dog?
{1} Princess's name was Sophia when we got her, We would call for her and she would not look at us or came to us. About 2 weeks after we had her, I was sitting on the couch and she was across the room looking out the door, I yelled Sophie come here and of course she didn't look..I said I don't like that name either I don't know why anyone would name you Sohpie when you look like a Princess. When I said Princess she turned around came running jumped over the coffee table into my lap, She has been called Princess ever since.
{2} Angel~~What can I say?! She's our little devil! She got and still gets into everything. I had four bags of pillow filling in the living room one time when we got home it looked liked it snowed we caught her in the act when she was ripping the last bag apart.

Where's the mother?
{1} Don't know
{2} Right here with us Princess is Angels mother

How much did you pay?
{1} Nothing Princess was a fathers day gift to hubby
{2} Nothing she was from Princess first litter

All shots taken care of?
{1} Yes
{2} Yes

{1} No
{2} No

Any injuries/illnesses? Training
{1} None
{2} None

Does it bite?
{1} No,But will if someone goes to come after me, Hubby came in one time with sunglasses on and he came after me Princess was going after Hubby cause she didn't realize it was him. She is very pertective of me.
{2} No, Angel will lick ya to death.

Does it jump on people?
{1} Sometimes~She likes to play and stuck here with only me all day she loves to see someone else
{2} All the time~She likes to play and here with only me all day she loves to see someone else

Is it house-broken?
{1} Yes
{2} Yes

Has it teethed on your favorite pair of shoes?
{1} Princess was 2 when we got her she never chewed on anything
{2} Can't tell you how many work boot / shoes hubby went through because of Angel~ manly cause she got mad at me for leaving the house, She love Cable lines, We was getting new cable at least every two weeks or more

Does your dog bark?
{1} Only when someone / something is fooling around outside
{2} When she has to go outside

{1} Loves to play fetch
{2} Angel does sometimes

Sit on command?
{1} Yes
{2} After you tell her about 50,000 times

Did you dog go to obedience school?
{1} No
{2} No

Does your dog play nicely with others?
{1} Yes
{2} Yes

Has you dog ever humped your leg?
{1} No
{2} No

What is the most distructive thing your dog has ever done?
{1} Nothing Princess has been an Angel
{2} What ever she could get ahold of....She went through Hubbys work boots/shoes, Cable Lines, Tv remotses, Garbage and that just what I can think of at the moment

Any unique tricks?
{1} Not really Shake
{2} Gives you Hi Five


What your dogs favorite place to sleep?
{1} In bed with me if hubby would let her~~She loves to sleep under a blanket, where you can't see her

{2} In bed tooo, On my legs ~~ Angel loves to have a pillow and a blanket on her {She will actually cover her self up.

Favorite food?
{1} Princess loves Peanut Butter Bread
{1} Angel will eat anything ~~ Not picky at all ~ She will eat even if its not suppose to be eaten

Favorite toy?
{1} Rope toys and her volley ball
{2} Anything that Princess is playing with except the volley ball

Favorite place to run around?
Princess and Angel loves our new place they have lots of room to run around.....

Now Angel loves to roam down and as close a to the river as she can sneak tooo.....Cuyahoga River is at the edge of our yard.....

Angel Loves going across the bridge to the other part of our yard......

Though I could shoot Hubby for showing her cause everytime she goes over she come back
soak - n - wet!!
Why your wondering??
Cause she falls in the FROG POND!! See the patch of white that's Angel.... The first time was an accident but not after that....

Favorite owner?
The one and only! ME!! Though I let them get away with things....


Is your dog calm or hyper?
{1} Princess is calm
{2} Angel doesn't understand that Boston Terriers are calm dogs. Saying she hyper is an under statement!!!

Does it like to go outside and explore, or sit in your lap and sleep?
{1} Princess likes to go outside for a short time but she mainly loves to sit on my lap and sleep
{2} Angel Loves to sit on my lap and sleep but give her a chance to go outside she will go exploring. Got to really watch her.

Does it learn quickly?
{1} Yes
{2} Yes

Stubborn at all?
{1} A little at times
{2} Very stubborn!!!

Does your dog like to swim?
{1} No
{2} Not really but as much as she falls in the frog pond and tries to go in the river you would think Angel does


Why did you get a dog?
{1} Princess was a fathers day gift to hubby from his daughter
{2} Angel...HaHa...I kept her thinking Hubby would get rid of them both! I guess that back fired on me

What is your favorite thing about the dog?
{1} Princess is protective of me
{2} Angel unpredictable

How much time do you spend with the dog?
{1} 24 / 7
{2} 24 / 7

How much time do you spend with your significant other?
Not as much as I like cause of him working

Would you take a bullet for your dog?
I probable would


How many dogs have you owned?
Two ~~ Now kept Princess pups until we was able to find them homes

When was the last time it was at the vet?
It's been awhile, Nothing is wrong with them

Do you have pet insurance?

Do you allow your dog to lick your face?

Have you ever shared food with your dog?

Does your dog sleep inside or outside?

How many times do you walk your dog daily?
It depends on what kind of day I am having, On a good day we walk about 4 miles a day

Do you think your dog loves you?
I know they both love me

How do you know?
They way they act!

Has your dog ever biten anyone?

What does he/she look like?

Do you tell your dog that you love him/her?
Crazy enough yes i do

Has your dog ever had puppies?
Princess Has ~ Her first litter she had 3 pups {Angel was one of them}, Princess second litter she had 9 pups, so no more pups for her.
Angel never had any...I can't imagine more dogs like her, Oh my

Do you like your dog to sleep with you?
Ya, It doesn't bother me

Is your dog protective?
They are both very protective of me, specially when i'm home by myself....They will both let ya know if they like someone or not. If i'm by myself they won't let a guy near me if i'm by myself if they don't know them

Has your dog ever scared you before?
No, Never

Does your dog have any illnesses?

Do you take pictures of your pets?
One or Two......


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