Monday, February 11, 2013

He Said / She Said

HE SAID / SHE SAID Link Up..........

I saw these questions over at 2 MESSY and thought we could have some fun with these questions and do a link up! Its simple.. Grab your significant other and find out their answers.. then add yours.. and share it with all of us by linking up at the bottom of this post! How fun!! =) Lets get started..

{1} Do you like being married?
He Said: Yes

She Said: Yes,Love it

{2} When did you realize you were in love with your spouse?
He Said: About a week after we met

She Said: About an hour into our first date

{3} Do you like to kiss?
He Said: Only you

She Said: Yes, Very much

{4} What did your spouse wear on your first date?
He Said: Black Stirups and a White Shirt

She Said: Black Stirups and a White Shirt

{5} What were you thinking when you popped the question?
He Said: She's going to say no again

She Said: I remember being nervous and tring not to be to emotional

{6} When was the last time you said I love you to your significant other?
He Said: About a minutes ago

She Said: About a minute ago

{7} What would you say your spouses best quality is?
He Said: Caring personility

She Said: Great work ethic

{8} What is their worst quality?
He Said: Attitude change

She Said: Attitude

{9} Do like how your spouse drives?
He Said: Yup~~She don't

She Said: Most of the time

{10} What do you like doing most together?
He Said: Sitting and talking

She Said: Sitting and talking, Just being together no matter what we are doing

{11}Can you remember when your worst fight was?
He Said: Yes~ A day later I found out

She Said: Yes, It was horrible

{12} How long was you together?
He Said: 9 1/2 years

She Said: 9 years and 7 months

{13}What is the best gift your spouse gave you?
He Said: Her love

She Said: Tanzanite Ring

{14} Do you talk and text your spouse during the day?
He Sais: Yes talk at lunch time

SheSaid: Yes He calls everyday at lunch time

{15} What is the best thing about being married?
He Said: Enjoyment and Companionship

She Said: Having someone you love sharing all special moment of your life with

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