Sunday, February 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday Week 3 & 4

Get To Know Me With Three Things Thursday

I just found "Three Things Thursday" week 5. It seems like fun. So I went looking for the first four weeks.....This is weeks 3 and 4

Three Things Thursday

This week April from Mama on a Green Mission and Bri from Eco Baby Mama Drama are starting a new weekly feature: Three Things Thursday.

Each week they will post three questions and give up to three answers for each question to let you learn more about them... and then we can join along and post our answers and link up with them.

So here are my questions and answers:
Places I Like To Shop:
{1} Walmarts
{2} Kmart
{3} Sears
Things I Did Before My Kids:
I never had kids of my own
Dream Car:
{1} Dodge Dart
{2} Tracker
{3} I don't know
Pets And Names? Could Be Pets From The Past
{1} Princess 8 {Boston Terrier}
{2} Angel 4 {Boston Terrier} They are Mother / Daughter
Past Pets.....We got rid of them when we moved in Oct. 2012
{3} Boozer {Boston Terrier}
{4} Blaze {Cat}
{5} Iceburg {Cat}
{6} Babe {Cat}
{7} Arabella
{8 - 11} Starsky & Hucth And Cagney & Lacy {Finches}
{12 - 15} Sammy & Samantha And Brandi & Branden {Love Birds}
{16 - 22} George, Starr, Bella, Jesabell,Dusty,Peaches,Isabella {Parakets}
{23- 31} Casy & Casper And Jay Jay & JoJo And Mickey & Minnie And Snowflake & Stormy And
Scooby {Cockateils}
And Yes I had them all at one time. We just could bring them with us, So we found all the pets good homes

Favorit Colors:

{1} Black
{2} Blue
{3} Grey

Favorite Zoo Animals:

{1} Polar Bears
{2} Monkeys
{3} Zebra

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