Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Coffee Chat:


Random Thoughts.  Now is your chance to just say whatever is on your mind.  

Oh my.... Random thoughts?! I'll take it easy on everyone....My mind is always going!

Saturday we went to a community yard sale in Garrettsville. I got a few things, but, a lot of people wanted to get rich in one day.
I did find three Thomas Kinkade "The Hamilton Collection Flags" 3 for $5 which I thought was cheap.
After we was done we stopped at "The Deck".

Sunday JR and I went to Walmarts in Streetsboro to get a few things. Mainly a flag pole and can you believe they didn't have any! What store would not have flag poles at this time of year. My luck they probably put them out after I left.

We finished putting the decorations up. It took so long cause I needed JR's help.
Then talked to my Stepdaughter and three of my grandchildren.
Boy, I wished I could draw. Heck I would be happy if I could draw a straight line.

Dotti is going to keep our Babies Princess And Angel for the weekend. JR and I are staying at a Motel, we have family we can stay with but we just want to stay at a Motel.
It still in the back of my mind how she changed her mind the last time.

Can't wait to go to PA, this weekend to meet our new Grandson John Alfred
He came home from the hospital. Weighing 4 lbs 9 oz.
John is waiting to go home

Monday I made a "Steeler" Fleece Blanket for my niece Lori. I want to take that in to PA with us. I came up with this great idea I'm going to make one for all the nieces and nephews, and grandkids, then I will go to the great nieces and nephews. I'll just do so many at a time. Of course when JR hears my idea he probably won't like it. He really never likes my idea. Oh well he will get over it.
I will get to spend some time with JR for two weeks, they changed his hours to 6 to 2:30 for the last 2 weeks of the month. Not sure for how long but I'll take it! It is so nice him coming home early.
My cockatiel "Precious" laid an egg today, but, I had to through it away cause it was cracked. The stupid birds won't go in the hole of the breeding box. the male "Boozer" keeps taking the side of the box off. She laid the egg out side of the box and it looked liked hit the edge of the box. I'm hoping she lays another.
I start the diabetic class tomorrow. That should be fun, Ya right! Of course I don't want to but, doctors orders. If I don't go the doctor said I can find another doctor. I guess it won't be so bad, it's only three classes.
Well I could go on, my mind is running a mile a minute. Though you will be happy I'm stopping. Off to have some fun cleaning bird cages.

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  1. I have a beautiful Canadian flag that is still in the bag and never used because every time we think "oh yes, let's get a flag pole." there never is one. and then we forget all about it until next season! LOL
    My house could use a big yard sale -- meaning I have a ton of things to get rid of. and I'd be tempted to just put a big All Free sign up on the yard too.
    I saw in your other post that little John got to go home. yay! great news
    Thanks for chatting today. hope it helped to let all those random thoughts out.