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Blog Everyday In May: Catch Up...Day 1

"Blog Challenges Every day In May" ~~ CATCH UP

                                                                Blog Every Day In May!
                                                               WEDNESDAY ~~ MAY 1

                                 DAY 1: STORY OF MY LIFE IN 250 WORDS OR LESS

 1. Born  May 2, 1964 And Grew Up In Connellsville,PA
 2. Have One Older Half Sister "Sis" {Linda} 62 And Two Older Brothers "Jimmy" 53 And
     "Kenny" 51
 3. Very Very Shy Growing Up
 4. First Job was Baby Sitting if that counts
 5. Second Job....Worked after school at S.Connellsville Elementry School as a Janitor Helper
     On A School Work Program For 2 Years
 6. Third Job.....Worked At The YMCA {For RailRoaders} As A Short Order Cook...On A
     School Work Program For 2 Years
 7. Quit School In My Last Year 1982
 8. Forth Job...Worked At The "Wonder Bar" {Restraunt / Bar} As A Short Order Cook....
     From 1982 To 1985
 9. Fifth Job....Worked At "The SunDeck" Tanning / Exercise....From 1985 To 1992
10. Lost My Mother In 1992
11. Got My GED in 1992
12. Sixth Job...."Means Personal Care Home"...From 1992 To 2003
13. Met The Love Of My Life "Harry" Who We Call JR In June Of 2003....{Knew Him From
      School, But I Was So Shy Never Talked To Him}
14. Seventh Job...."Pechin" Drug Store.....From 2003 To 2005
15. Lived With My Parents {Dad} till I Was 39nd Moved In With JR
16. Moved In With JR {His Two Room Apartment} August 2003
17. Got "Our" First Two Bedroom Second Floor Apartment In September 2003 {58 Steps To
      Go Up To The Apartment}....Secure Building, But I was Never Comfortable There, If
      Someone Came We Had To Go Down And Leave Ya In....But For Some Reason I Would
      Have The Door To The Apartment Closed And Locked...Not Locked, I Mean "LOCKED"
      With The Door Lock, 3 Chain Locks, And 5 Dead Bolts!! {Your Laugh For The Day}. I Am
      Totally Serious, No Joking!!
18. Got Engaged December 25,2003
19. Eighth Job....Worked At Mt.Pleasant WalMarts #2600....Deli...Started In March 2004
20. Got my Licenses In May 2004{ Never Wanted Them Till Then}
21. First Car Was A 1994 Teal Sundace With A SunRoof
22. JR And I Bought A Trailer May 2005
23. Moved To Scottdale, PA May 2005
24. Ended Up In The Hospital With Heart Disease May 2005...From Being On Atkins Diet
      {When It Said NO Carbs, Thats What I Did, No Carbs}
25. Bridal Shower ~~ May 2005
26. Got Married Saturday August 13, 2005
27. Along With Getting Marriend, I Had Gotten 3 Adult StepChildren, Dotti 30...Chad 29...
      Harry 24 {Ages Today}
28. Had My First Seizure At The Beginning Of Work October 21,2007
29. October 21,2007 Was The Biginning Of Me Not Being Able To Work
30. September 2009, Disabilty Was Approved Cause Of My Seizures And BlackOuts {Still
      Taking To This Day}
31. Lost My One Of My Special Brother~In~larry Barry {JR's Brother} March 24,2011, From  
     A Disease He Got In Presby Hospital Pittsburg,PA...He Was In A Car Accident March 5
     Went For His Arm Witch He Needed A Pin In, Keeping Him 24 Hours And Went Down Hill
     The Next Day.
32. Moved My Dad In With JR And I In August 2011..His Cancer Was Getting Worse And He
      Couldn't Take Care Of Himself
33. My Dad Passed Away October 6,2011 At Home...I Was With Him
34. Had The Privilege Of Being In The Delivery Room When Our Granddaughter
      Harlie Quinn Julia Was Born July 12,2012...It Was Amazing
35. Moved To Mantua, Ohio...October 13,2013 {Loving It More And More Each Day}

                                               Other Things About Me........

~ Grandchildren.....Jordyn 16....MacKenzie 11....Alexandria 10....Starr 7.....Riley 5....Richie III
    5....Mason 1....Harlie Quinn 10 Months....John Alfred 21 Days Old
~ Like Apple Butter, Peanut Butter, Animal Crackers, BBQ Chips, Peanut Butter Reeses Cups,
   Dt.Mountain Dew, Crystal Light
~ Favorite Food Chicken...Love Hot Wing {Hotter The Better}...Chinese Food Is Awesome
~ Plastic Canvas Needlepointing...Taking Pictures...Ceramics...Making Fleece Blankets...
   Spending Time On The Internet
~ Facebook...Blogging...Challenges...Swap Bot
~ Favorite Movie "The Green Mile" And Love Wrestling! Love "The Undertaker"
~ Natural Wavy Hair
~ Two Boston Terriers "Princess And "Angel" And Three Cocktiels "Boozer", "Boomer",
~ Best Friend Diane Of 43 Years
~ Love My Family And Friends
~ Go To Bed Late And Up Early
~ On A Diet And Exercise Program
~ Sylvia Bowne....V.C.Andrews...John Edwards
~ High Blood Pressure...High Cholostrol...Major Depressing...Diebetes..."Absent" Seizures...
   Blackouts...Heart Disease
~ Collect: Angels And Recipes {Even Though I Don't Like To Cook}
~ Country Music....Kenny Rogers And Tracy Byrd
~ Been To Canada 11 Times With My Sister...Would Love To Go Again With Hubby
~ Black...Blue...Grey
~ Love Winter
~ Hate Being Outside Unless I'm Camping Or On Vacation
~ Not Much Of A Drinker, A Case Have Wine Coolers Can Last Me A Year Or Longer
~ Steeler Fan

 250 Words Or Less, How About 250 Or More....Sorry...No I Didn't Count

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