Friday, May 24, 2013

Blog Everyday In May: Day 24

"Blog Challenges Every Day In May"

                                                              Blog Every Day In May!

                                                                   FRIDAY MAY 24

                                                DAY 24: YOUR TOP 3 WORST TRAITS

 Me have bad traits?! Never! HAHA!! Thank goodness your only asking for 3!!

I'm posting this early cause we are going to PA, after JR gets home from work we are going to dinner then we are off.

{1} I can have an attitude at times ~ Bad ones

{2}  I'm depressed, people don't like it when I withdraw from them and don't share things with them about myself

{3} I act before I think

{4} I'm obsess over stuff that's not important or I don't have any control over

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