Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Four Fill~In

 Friday Four Fill~In

{1} One of my best and worst traits is that I love to make fleece blankets for friends and family and I spend many we really don't have on fleece.

{2} If I could escape for a day, I'd go to Canada.

{3} The best part of not living near family there is no drama.

{4} When I was young I thought I would love to be old enough to retire, now that I'm not able to I wished I could work.


  1. I totally agree on #3! Hubby and I are both transplants and lack of drama is an awesome thing!

    I know what you mean on the last one. I don't think I wanted to retire so much, but I sure do want to work again. I've been out of work since just a couple months after you. My medical issues just killed me at interviews before I had to stop and concentrate on my health issues. Now I wonder if my past experience is really even valid anymore or if I'll have to start again now that I am almost clear to try to work again.

  2. Yes - come to Canada!! we're really nice. although, it is a bit cold still where I am. bring a coat :)

    and I have also learned that some family members are best taken in small doses. living away from those ones helps - A Lot!

  3. #4 - don't you hate when things work out that way