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I saw these questions over at 2 MESSY and thought we could have some fun with these questions and do a link up! Its simple.. Grab your significant other and find out their answers.. then add yours.. and share it with all of us by linking up at the bottom of this post! How fun!! =) Lets get started..

What is the strangest gift your spouse has ever bought for you?
He Said... Steeler Slippers
She Said... Safe

Where was the first place you went on vacation....And best memory while you was there?
He Said... Gettysburg,PA...Being at the campground
She Said... Gettysburg, PA...The Ghost walk we took

What is your spouse's most irritating habit?
He Said... Telling me what I think or suppose to know
She Said... Not rinsing the sink out after shaving

If your spouse died and came back as a dog, what would they be? Chihuahua, Russell Terrier, Poodle, Or Bulldog.
He Said...Chihuahua
She Said...Russell Terrier

Where would your spouse pack you to go on a secret vacation?
He Said...Canada, cause that's where she wants to go to
She Said...Canada, cause that's where I want to go

When was the last time you and your spouse had a long passionate kiss?
He Said...Thursday May 2 ~~ Her Birthday kiss
She Said...Thursday for my Birthday

Does your spouse speak any other languages?
He Said...No
She Said...No

Where was the last place you went together?
He Said...Streetsboro, Ohio
She Said...Streetsboro, Ohio

How many states have you been to together? Name them all.
He Said...PA, West Virgina, Ohio
She Said...Pa, West Virgina and Ohio

How does your spouse pack? Are things neat and tidy or is it done last minute?
He Said...It's done a month and half before
She Said...He doesn't, If I would let him it would be done 5 minutes before we walk out the door

Worst travel memory you had together?
He Said...Backing the truck into the tree
She Said...Backing the truck back into the tree {he was driving, sober tooo}

Which song describes your first date? Sea Of Love, Man-Eater, Separate Ways, Our Lips Are Sealed, Or Cold As Ice
He Said...Cold As Ice
She Said...Cold As Ice

Where was your first picture taken at?
He Said...Christmas Party
She Said...He's wrong it was at his appartment our first christmas together

How does your spouse perfer to travel? Plane, Train, Boat, Or Car.
He Said...Car
She Said...Car

Who would your spouse say was the better catch out of the two of you?
He Said...She would say I am
She Said... I think it's equal

Where do you think your next vacation will be together?
He Said...Canada
She Said...Gettysburg,Pa Or Canada

What percentage of the housework would your spouse say that you do?
He Said...100%
She Said...0% unless i'm sick then he does 100%

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