Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Chattin' Time On Tuesday #92

It's Chattin' Time On Tuesday

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Everyday Ruralty

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{1} How many load of laundry do you do each week {about}?
About 9 loads a week, Every other week I have 13, More if I wash rugs and curtains
{2} Where do your household pets sleep? If you have no pets, please skip to the next question.
Cockatiels are in their cages in the living room, Princess and Angel {dogs} in the their bed in our room, Unless they can sneak up in our bed with JR knowing then they sleep on my legs in our bed.
{3} What is your favorite thing to listen to while you drive?
I'm not able to drive now, but when I did I liked to listen to the oldies or country.
{4} Do you have to do a big clean-up when you have company, or are you always ready for guest?
There is only Princess,Angel,The Birds,JR and Myself....So the place don't get to bad but then Princess and Angel are worse then kids. The Cockatiels always have a mess.
I always say, You come to visit me Come anytime, You come to visit the house make an appointment.
{5} What's your favorite breakfast food?
I love french toast with apple butter And Buck Wheat pancakes

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  1. HI! I found your blog and wanted to tell you that there was something wrong when you linked up to "chats". I deleted the link, because it went to a blog in Indonesia. I don't know if your blog was hijacked or what. I'm not a computer expert, but I knew something was wrong and wanted to let you know. The other blog had the same name as yours, but it had a totally different look. If it happens again, I will try to get more information for you. Thanks, Patrice