Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blog Every Day In May: Day 30

"Blog Challenges Every Day In May"

                                                              Blog Every Day In May!

                                                                   THURSDAY MAY 30

                                      DAY 30:REACT TO THIS TERM: LETTING GO

Why is "Letting Go" so hard?!
Is It hard for almost everyone or just me?!
Sometimes I wish I could be like my hubby and let go of things real quick. But, I can't.
My stubbornness, Me stubborn, I know that's a shocker! HAHA! Anyway...It won't let me let go of things.

I have some things I have a hard time letting go of. Old habits of course, like stress about all sorts of unnecessary little things that will be forgotten in a week, or two. And there is no way I can let go of what people has said or done mean to me. Or let go of someone saying they can't be my friend cause I'm friends with someone else.

But the one thing I will never truly have an easy time with when it comes to let go, is losing people. It doesn't have to be a lethal loss. That someone died on me, but the loss of a friendship. Specially when I don't understand what's going on, what is happening. The thought that the person  I've thought highly about and had so many memories with and deep conversations with just won't be around to be my friend anymore.

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