Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish The Sentence

Finish the Sentence ...........

Jake and  Holly are back with another edition of "Finish the Sentence." Jake is awesome at coming up with fun questions... and your responses usually give them enough text material for a whole weekend. Check out Jake's blog HERE.


Unlike my sibling{s} {that I love very much...moved from PA.
 My best friend says...No matter what day or time you need me,I'll be there.
People call me...on the house phone, rather than my cell phone.
The best part of my day...Is when my husband gets home from work.
I really don't understand.....why people would think I would stab a friend in the back who has a key to my house.
I get really annoyed...when someone tells me something and I repeat it to them  and they say they didn't say it.
There's nothing like a...three hour nap during the day. 
Lately, I can't get calls made during the day.
One thing I am NOT is...going to kiss someone butt, you either like me or not.
I spent too much money dogs "Princess" and "Angel"
I want to to make a quilt.
If I ever met "The Undertaker", I would...ask him for his aughtagragh.
I can't stop...thinking about my grandchildren!
Never have I ever...thought I would move from PA to another state.
Reese Witherspoon...sounded retared on the tape with the cops.

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