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5000 Question Part Thirty-Three {3201 to 3300}


Part Thirty-Four

3201. What if this is as good as it gets?
If it is that's fine cause it's pretty good now

3202. Have you ever dated someone mostly or completely because of their looks?
Nope. Looks don't matter to me

3203. What does the word 'of' mean?
Of is sometimes added to phrases beginning with the adverb how or too followed by a descriptive adjective

3204. What should you never forget?
Some special dates

3205. How many of the 7 Dwarves can you name for us?
Doc, Happy, Grumpy, Sleepy, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy

3206. What animal does your mom resemble?
Pussy Cat ~~ She was nice and calm

3207. Have you ever had a palm reading?
Yes, many times

3208. What's acrazy thing you did that you got in troubl for as a kid?
I honestly never got in trouble. I was a good kid

3209. What do you battle against?
Ignorance, Unkindness, Against Abortion

3210. Do pircings really make the pierced area dramatically more sensative?
I have no idea the only thing I have pieced his my ears

3211. If you had put aside some money for a trip and the travel agent said he had 2 trips available in your price range during the week you want to go, which would you choose:

a> a week in hawaii in a luxory beach resort

b> a week in africa helping the red cross distribute food and medicine

A week in hawaii

3212. Have you ever played with a dreidal?
I have played with a spinning top...I think it's the same thing except dreidal is jewish

3213. Did you know that Kraft is owned by a ciggerette company?

Does that bother you?

3214. With all the information constantly rushing at you, how do you know what's important?
I don't, I don't like anyone does

3215. How is your life unlike a movie?
Stephen Spielberg isn't following me around directing my actions

3216. Where is the most beautiful place you have visited?
Niagara Falls on the Canada side

3217. What is never going in your mouth?
Sea food

3218. Are there realaly 5,000 different facts about you?
We shall see, Won't we

3219. Do you like banana bread?
Love it....Even with nuts

3220. Who are you the most gentle and tender around?
The one{s} I love

3221. If electrodes were inserted into your brain and a button was put into your arm so that you could push the button and stimulate an immeadiate orgasm would you forget about life and sit at home pushing the button until you died?
No, What fun would that be

3222. Is there a differance between being scared and afraid?
I'd always thought "scared" was an immediate reaction to something specific; "afraid" always seemed to me be a general feeling, attributed to nothing individual

3223. Are you scared and/or afarid of death?
Not really, I think I'm more scared of the way I might die.

If yes, what is it about death?
There is an old saying that the only two things that are cetain in life are death and taxes. Death is as much as of a mystery as life is. Death is a "permanent ending of life."
The pain?
It's not guaranteed that death will be painful its self.
It is painful to say goodbye to someone you like or love.

The seperation?
Connection between our mind and our body

the unknown?
Death is an unknown world, which we all have ti visit for our final journey

the fear of nothing?
I believe there is nothing on the other side of death to fear

3224. What is exsitentialism?
Is a term applied to the work of a number of late 19th and 20th century philosophers who despite profound doctrinal difference share the belief that philosophical thinking begins with the human subject not merely the thinking subject, but the acting, feeling, living human individual.


SUCCESS is counted sweetest

By those who ne’er succeed.

To comprehend a nectar

Requires sorest need.

Not one of all the purple host

Who took the flag to-day

Can tell the definition,

So clear, of victory,

As he, defeated, dying,

On whose forbidden ear

The distant strains of triumph

Break, agonized and clear.

by, Emily Dickinson

What is Emily Dickenson trying to say here?
Talking about how one who wina all the time truly cannot experience the excitement that is to win. And that sometimes even the loser feels a sense of winning for they have an emotion to reflect and gain upon.
3226. A college girl (maybe you?) blows a tire and pulls off the road in an unfamilliar residential neighborhood. She is having trouble changing the tire when a man in his late thirties-ish comes over and asks if she needs some help. He changes her tire and offers to let her go into his house to wash her hands. She is dirty from trying to change the tire. Should she accept?
No, A little dirt never hurt anyone.

She does accept and he gives her a tour of the house inclding the upstairs. The staircase in the livingroom leads directly into the master bedroom. The view out the window is beautiful. What are you thinking about this situation?
I would be careful if I was her, but than again i'm paranoid

3227. Are you too trusting of others?
I was

3228. What's the difference between a den and a living room?
I always thought dens was more like an office

3229.Write a stream of consiousness sentance:
Stream of consciousnessitch hedbeg, a stand-up comedian whose delivery was a bleak stream of consciousness rant.

3230. Who is the hero of all kids?
Their parents

3231. Who do you tend to show more of your best side to, your family or strangers?
My family

3232. How do you think the harry potter series will end?
No clue, don't care, I'm not into Harry Potter

3233. Name three things that would make really bad ice cream flavors:
Taco, Horseradish and Pickles

3234. Would you try a jelly bean if it's flavor was:
I love jelly beans!

toasted marshmellow? Yes

fried chicken? Yes, I love chicken

black pepper? Yes, I might

vomit? No

grass? No

dirt? Nope

boogers? Nope

ear wax? I'll pass

sardines? Nope

Did you know that you can get these flavors of jellybeans at
Harry Potter fans can have them

3235. What's at the center of the earth?
I don't know, but I'd be happy to take a Verne-inspired journey to find out

3236. have you ever wondered where holidays come from?
Not really

3237. Do you think there should be more movies shown in 3D?
It wouldn't matter to me

3238. Are you just another brick in the wall?
I'm spackle

3239. Write a haiku (a poem with 3 lines, 1st line is 5 syllables, second line is 7 syllables, 3rd line is five syllables ):
This is a haiku
Seven syllables go here
Holy crap, we're done.

3240. Are you cautious and tame?

3241. Do you like to eat at Subway?
I use to, untill I seen what a worker did and now I can't eat at any subway.

3242. Is 42 the meaning of life?
Somebody made up a crazy formula that supposedly explain the meaning of life, the outcome of the equation equaled 42, It also featured as a joke in The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy

3243. Would you agree that a blade of grass is nothing less than the journeywork of stars?

3244. Do you want to die?
Not today

3245. If someone was studying 'the humanities' what the hell are they studying?
Writing, Literature, and Philosophy

3246. Is this question REALLY is this question 3246?
Nope, a lot of questions have multiple parts

3247. Do you want to diet ?
Not really, but I am

3248. What is colder, your feet, or the floor?
My feet

3249. What is older, your mouth, or the door?
The door

3250. Are you more beauty or more beast?
It depends on the day, today more beauty

3251. Are we there yet?
Sit down and be quiet or I will TURN THIS BLOG AROUND and go right back home, young man!

3252. Scantron or handwritten tests?
I'll take handwritten tests

3253. What's that sound?
"Boozer" And "Precious" getting it on... Remember you asked

3254. True/false: To the maggots on the cheese, the cheese is the universe.

3255. What's the best treat to bring with you to elementary school for your birthday? Cupcakes?
Chocolate cupcakes with Chocolate Icing

3256. What would you expect to learn from self interrogation?
How horrible a person I am

3257. When you feel cold does eating warm food help you feel warm?
No, I'll take a cup of Hot Chocolate to warm me up

3258. Does being true to yourself mean saying 'screw everybody else, my shit is more important'?
If that's who you are yes

3259. Have you reckoned a thousand acres much?
Do what now

3260. Have you reckoned the earth much?

3261. Have you ever had a vision?
Can't say that I have yet

3262. If you have a vision or belief and someone else has a conflicting vision or belief, how do you tell which one is valid?
You can't

Are they both valid?

3263. Why is everything based around proof and facts instead of intuition?
I don't think everything's based around proof and facts. Do you know how much subjective / intuition-driven crap is out there?

3264. What is the grass?
The familial name given to the gramminae family of plants

3265. Have you ever supposed it is lucky to be born?
I think sentience is just a random property that occurs occasionally in the universe

Is it just as lucky to die?
See above

3266. What is it that you express in your eyes?
The truth? Can you handle it?

3267. What is man anyhow?
Over grown boy

What am I?
Who knows

and what are you?
A Wife,  Stepmother, Daughter, Aunt, Sister, Cousin

3268. You understand enough. Why don't you let it out?
I understand nothing

3269. What is less or more than a touch?
I think human touch, done with calm intention and conscious ease

3270. Why should anyone wish to see god more than they wish to see this day?
Because people always look elsewhere for something "better"

3271. Have you guessed that after death you yourself would not continue?

3272. Have you dreaded the earth beetles?
This section of the survey has the strangest questions

3273. Have you feared the future would be nothing to you?

3274. Is today nothing?
It just dawn on me these few questions is from "To Think Of Time"

3275. Is the beginingless past nothing?
To think of time of all that retrospection!
To think of to day, and the ages continued henceforward!
Have you guess'd  you yourself would not continue?
Have you dreaded these earth beetles?
Have you fear'd the future would be nothing to you?
Is today nothing? Is the beginningless pst nothing?
If the future is nothing, they are just as surely nothing.
To think that the sun rose in the east! that men and women were flexible, real, alive! that everything was alive!
To think that you and I did not see, feel, think, nor bear our part!
To think that we are now here, and bear our part!

3276. Do you believe in a collective unconsiouss?

3277. Jung or Freud?

3278. What is a 'fate worse than death'?
Being kidnap and torture

3279. What are the 5 main things you think about?
Family, Friends, The Internet, My Mother and My Dad

3280. Name someone you know.

What is the biggest thing you have in common with them?
We both know how to keep a secret

3281. Do you think that laws should be passed to regulate human breeding?
Only against the ones that had harmed a child

3282. Do you think they already exist in a subtle way?
Possibly some do, yes

3283. Why is it that so many people are demanding the death penalty as punishment for a wider and wider range of crimes?
Is that the case? Probably because people seem to think that's the best "punishment."

3284. Is it partially to weed the nonconformists out of the gene pool?
The gene pool needs its nonconformists

3285. What does it mean to be free?
Literally? To be unconstrained

3286. What does it mean to be tamed or domesticated?
To be controlled by outside forces, be they physical, environmental, or technological

3287. Is the human animal becoming more and more tame and domestic?

If yes, what is causing this?
Our technology

are we becoming more or less free?
Less Free!

3288. Are you embaressed about your naked body?
I am

If yes, is that freedom?
Why not? Am I not free to be embarrassed about myself ?

3289. Are you the result of all of evolution up to this point?
Aren't we all

3290. The murderous does he sleep?
As well as his conscience will allow

3291. Your she living?
No, She passed away May 16,1992 
I love and miss her more and more each day!

Have you been much with her?
She was my best friend

and has she been much with you?
Yes, Bestfriends

3292. Are these questions disturbing you?
About my mother? A little today!

If yes, why?
Cause it's Mother's Day and I miss her very much!

3293. What are you focused on?
Understanding stuff

3294. Have you ever admired wickedness?

3295. Is the acomplishment of one person the accomplishment of all humanity?
It's the accomplishment of the whole universe

Why or why not?
We're all connected

3296. Is the imprisonment of one person the imprisonment of all humanity?

Why or why not?
We're all connected

3297. We're just following anchient history. If I strip for you, will you strip for me?
Nope, I'll only strip for my hubby

3298. Have you ever wished you had not so many clothes?

3299. What is the balance between conformity and individual freedom?
Something I'm sure we are all seeking

3300. What do these things have in common: nakedness, sex, killing, fighting, shitting, death?


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