Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog Every Day In May: Day 27 Catch Up

"Blog Challenges Every Day In May"

                                                              Blog Every Day In May!

                                                                   MONDAY MAY 27

                                              DAY 27: A LETTER TO YOUR READER

                                                                   To My Readers

Yes, I'm a day late. We went into Pa this past weekend, ended up staying a day longer. A weekend end is still not long enough to see every one.
I started a blog in 2010 under Havfaith. I wanted a place where I could go to that my real life family and friends wasn't on. Not that I write anything, I just wanted a place for me. I know that seems strange.
A niece of mine found my blog and messaged me on Facebook about an answer I wrote on a survey. Which was done way back in 2010.
So before she started I made a new blog "Havfaith Sunshine".
My blog is mainly surveys and meme's but, though the questions I tell a lot about me. Some questions are really makes you think.
I want to Thank you for stopping by, It means a lot to me. You have no reason to read it and it's not particularly or interesting, yet you stop by and often leave a comment. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.
Thank you for being such wonderful people who are so special.
Thank you for your time, your thoughts and your comments. I wouldn't want to be on this blogging adventure with anyone else.
Love To All
Tammy {Havfaith Sunshine}

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