Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Every Day In May: Day 31

"Blog Challenges Every Day In May"

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                                                                    FRIDAY MAY 31

                                                              DAY 31:A VIVID MEMORY

The last day. It seemed like it went so fast! Of course I'm late getting it up. Though I guess it's better late than never.

Today is A Vivid Memory.....

My Vivid Memory is about my grandpap ~~ R.I.P. Jan.18,1985

Every day in the summer and the days we was off school he would come up to the house. My grandparents only lived a block away and we would keep the door unlock so my grandpap could get in the house in the morning.

Any way.....

He would come up to the house about 6 am and take his cane and pound it on the floor loud until we woke up. After he would get everyone up and downstairs he would say well, I better get back down home, your grandma will have breakfast ready.

Christmas morning he would come up to the house at 5 am and pound his cane on the floor and yell Santa came lets see what he brought.

It just seems like yesterday. I have his cane and every time I see I think of how he would pound it on the kichen floor to wake us up.


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