Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

Hubby Hates To See When My Birthday Come Around.....He scared of what I'll ask for.....

Every year my husband askes me what I want for my Birthday. Sometimes he isn't to thrilled on what I want, but he always seems to get it no matter what!
This year is one of those years!!

Now, your wondering what it could be. Aren't you?!

I wanted Cockatiels! JR wasn't happy about it cause when I lived in PA I had 20 Birds. Yes all at one time {2 stes of love birds, 4 finches, 10 Cockatiels and 4 Parakeets}, When we went to move here to Ohio I gave them all away.

And now I want Cockatiels.

Did he get them for me?! Yes, Not only one but Three

"Precious", "Boozer", "Boomer



And I also got