Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Every Day In May:Catch Up Day 7

"Blog Challenges Every Day In May"

                                                               Blog Every Day In May!

                                                                  TUESDAY ~~ MAY 7

                                    DAY 7: THE THING{S} YOU"RE MOST AFRAID OF

There are so many big ang small things that I am afraid of........

***Losing my Husband
***Losing my Stepchildren and Grandchildren
***Losing one of my brothers or sister or neices or nephews
***House Fire {don't know why I have never been in a fire, It maybe because my Sister and
      Cousin both lost everything in fires}
***Being in a elevator
***Having a seizure outside by myself {I'm fine if i'm in the house,it's just being outside alone}
***Getting cancer
***Flying on an airplane {I'm 49 and never been on a plane}
***Floating down the river
***Going blind or deaf all of a sudden


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