Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pondering With A Purpose: Leash

Pondering with a Purpose--Leash

 Today's prompt is: Leash
When I seen the word "Leash"......
I thought of "Princess" And "Angel"
They are never on a leash unless we take them for a walk. Though "Angel" should be all the time cause she gets in trouble a lot. HAHA.
I really should say the word "Leash" reminds me of "Angel".
Because of sweet little Angel we had went through 16 leash's cause she would chew through them, hers and the one Princess has on.
This last time when we bought them a leash, we got the "CHAIN LEASH's".
And yes Angel hates them!


  1. Cute dogs! Angel has been misnamed - should be Devil

    1. You got that right, we say that all the time about Angel

  2. sounds like the Angel has the wrong name......

    thanks for pondering with me

    1. She sure does! The only time she's an angel is when she's sleeping.

  3. Oh....they are so cute!!
    And Angel sounds like the very proof against all those people who think animals do not have as interesting personalities as people.