Monday, April 15, 2013

Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me - hosted by Acting Balanced and Touristic

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Acting Balanced

Here are the Questions:

1. What is your best solution for getting rid of a headache?

Boy I wished I could find something! I have had a steady headache on the left side since since Oct. 2007. It lightens up but never goes away.
2. Do you enjoy taking naps?
Love taking naps, I take a nap about everday around 1 pm
3. What was the last 'block buster' movie you saw at the theatre?
That has been soooo long ago I can't remember.
4. If you could have anyone cook you dinner who would it be?
JR is a very good cook! I wouldn't trade him for the world

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5. Nice weather is starting...Do you like to cookout? How often do you cookout on the grill?


  1. Like you my hubby is the cook and since we have a gas BBQ he cooks year round. Only a huge snowfall will keep him indoors.

  2. Your headaches sound so similar to the ones I had. Have you had a doctor or chiropractor check you neck and upper back? I have an issue with a nerve that gets pinched and an adjustment in my neck and back makes my headaches stop instantly. Just a thought. :)

    My husband and I don't grill, but my dad grills almost every night when the weather gets nice. What I miss most about living with my dad is sitting on the patio just talking after a great barbecued meal. I LOVE going to visit in the summer for Pop's master grilling!

  3. i like to go to cook outs or have them if someone else is the grill master :)

  4. I love to cookout but the problem is that I don't own a grill and would never use it for just myself lol. I go to a lot of cookouts my friends have.

  5. I guess I have never cooked out. That's kind of sad.

    I have a little Foreman grill though... so I do grill a little.