Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy 87 TH Birthday Mom!


                                                                To Mom In Heaven

                                            With Angels singing, Happy 87 th Birthday Mother dear.
                                            You're spending your birthday in heaven again this year.

                                            Though you're not here , there's a lot to celebrate.
                                             Your new home and reunited with your soul mate.

                                             No longer suffering, your body has been restored.
                                             You are completely healed, and with The Lord

                                             You filled our world with love, and kindness.
                                              In heaven, you are rewarded for your faithfulness.

                                             You now live eternally, and in a much better place.
                                              I still envision that beautiful smile upon your face.

                                             You worked hard here on earth, and earned a rest.
                                             You worked hard here on earth, and earned a rest.


  A Birthday Write for Mom In Heaven 
I`ve heard Heaven is such a beautiful place
I close my eyes, I see your beautiful face
I notice you now have a beautiful radiant glow
Beautiful white gown and wings and a halo
I remember this date you would have turned 87
I asked God to please let the angels sing to you

God called for you to come home almost twenty one years ago
I loved you so much, It was so hard to let you go
Yet I knew in Heaven you would not be in pain
I miss you mom and my tears fell like the rain
It was so hard, The only comfort that I could find
Was for me to picture you in Heaven in my mind

I pictured you there the angels greet you with song
In Gods garden the beautiful flowers just go on and on
I've pictured streets of gold, Mansions every where
No sorrow no pain no problems once you enter there
How wonderful it must be, Heaven must be beautiful
You're with Jesus and all of your family that went

Although you`re missed more then you`ll ever know
I still feel your love and your spirit is still here below
I'm sending, Birthday wishes with love
Your in a wonderful place, You`re in Heaven above
I loved you so much mom, You were one of the best
And God rewarded you, He called you home to rest
Happy Birthday Mom
I Love You