Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Coffee Chat:Board Games


Tuesday Coffee Chat: Board Games? Does Cards Count?

Good day and welcome to another edition of Coffee Chat.

Growing up we played alot of games!
Though we played games everyday Friday and Saturday was game night where my brothers and sister would come and play some kind of board game.
Some of my favorites was......

{1} Scrabble

{2} Chinese Checkers

{3} Parchesi

{4} Monoply

{4} Tri-Ominoes

{5} Family Fued

Does Card Games Count?

My Mother and I played Cards every day!!

We would play....... Double Solitaire alot!!

My Uncle Bill and I would play a card game called "4 in the middle" .....I really never new if he made it up or not. Sometimes I wonder cause noone has ever heard of it.

As I got older we would go to my brother Kenny's we would play some kind of card game.....
Spades or 31
Sometimes if enough people would show up we would play bingo

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