Thursday, March 21, 2013

What A Scare


Last Thursday 14 th I went to bed at 9:00 which is very unusual for me, when I don't even think about bedtime till anytime between 1 - 2 AM. But I wasn't feeling to good so I thought sleep would do me good!!
Around 3:30 Am I woke to go to the bathroom, tried 3 times to get up out of bed and kept falling backwards thank goodness it was on the bed. My husband ended up waking up by me doing this and asked what I was doing. Of course I told him I was tring to get up and I can't.
I was dizzy, couldn't stand and walk. JR said I was going to the hospital,I wasn't in no position to argue with him. The ambulance was called, they told him it looked liked I had a stroke.
I can't remember to much from Friday to early Tuesday morning only what JR, the nurses and aides has told me.
I guess I wasn't such a nice person to anyone!
After many tests the doctor found out I was taking to much Tegretol {1200 mg} along with Lamotrigine {100 mg}. The neurologist in PA is the one that put me on these medications
First off your not suppose to take more then 1000 mg of Tegretol specially with anyother Seizure medication. The neurologist here in Ohio is the one that told me I was taking to much.
The Tegretol being to high had caused me to have a Stroke along with a Seizure.
After my tegretol level got down the dizziness went away, I was able to sit and stand up.
Thank goodness I don't have no side affects from the stroke! I can move my left arm and leg now. It does take awhile for me to get a sentence out but I can handle that!!
I have never been so scared in my life! I really thought I was going to die cause I felt so bad!
JR had said the nurses and aides at "Geauga Medical Center" had been wonderful! And for them to put up with me being nasty {which that isn't me} they would have to be great!
Today I am still tired and weak but that is because I am not resting like the doctor told me to!
I do want to thank my nurses and Aides!!

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