Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Question Friday 3-15 and 3-22

So it's Friday, I'm doing catch up for Five Question Friday since I missed 3-15 for being in the hospital. I'm home and tring to rest up.

Welcome to Five Question Friday


Questions for Friday, March 15th:

1. What is one thing you wish you did not have to teach your children?I never had any children and my stepchildren was all grown up when I got with my husband

2. What are you going to use since Google Reader is going away?I never got into google reader.

3. British comedy; Hilarious or strange?If it's anything to do with comedy I not into it. I don't like comedies

4. Do you prefer card games or board games?I like both

5. Will winter ever end?I'm sure it will soon but honesty I love winter and hope it doesn't for a long time


Five Question Friday


Questions for Friday, March 22nd:

1. What advice would you give a newly married couple?Never go to be while an argument remains unresolved
2. Who does more laundry around your house?I'm usually  the only one that does laundry  around here. But hubby had it all done when I got home from the hospital. He washed up his work clothes last night and cleaned the house after he got home from work cause the doctor told me rest for a few days.
3. What items, if any, do you prefer to buy organic or make yourself?The only thing I get organic is lettuce greens
4. What book/TV series would you recommend for a friend on bedrest?I don't know. But I sure wish someone would have recomend a book to me tuesday when I was in the hospital after I started feeling better.
5. So, they say it's Spring now...what does your "spring" look like at this very moment?Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow

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