Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Months Today

I lived and grew up in Connellsvill,Pa. After getting with JR we had bought a trailer in Scottdale,PA which is only 8 miles from Connellsvile.
I have been out of state for vacation but never lived in any state but PA.

So when JR company was being taken over from a company in Streetsboro,Ohio and he was offered a management position. The only thing the position was here in Ohio! We had a few choices.
{1} JR travel 6 hours a day back and forth ~~ With these gas prices
{2} JR come out and stay at in a hotel Monday through Friday ~~ The company would pay for, for 3
{3} We move to Ohio ~~ The company offered JR to pay for the move, $5,000 bouns for moving,
       two weeks payed vacation, Two bouns a year, Insurance {medical,dental & eye} for JR and I
       which is payed by the company and would put him up in a hotel for 6 months to we found a

We though the offer moving to Ohio was to good to pass up. Specially with JR being 50 and me not being able to work. And the thought of Cleveland Clinic being out here was a good idea since doctors in PA isn't helping me with my seizures or blackouts.

October 1,2012 JR's boss told him he would start his new position as management October 15. So I was online looking for places here in Ohio. We was tring to get as close to Streetsboro as we could so he didn't have far to travel. Between the first and the 15 th he had to come out to Ohio to work at least four days.
Now with me being in PA and JR in Ohio, He was the only one that was going to decide on a place to live. Anything was going to be fine with me just so I could get out here with him quick!
Well, I called about a basement 2 bedroom appartment, the only thing the add had said was 2 bedrooms on its on the river. Knowing me yes I called, made arrangements for JR to look at it. So he looked at it on the 4th. He liked it but the lady {Susan} wouldn't rent it to him till I looked at it. On Saturday the 6 th we was coming out to Mantua,Ohio so I could look at the place. We was so surprize we found a place that we BOTH liked so quick and the first place we looked at.
Five months ago today we packed up and moved to Mantua, Ohio.
Yes, I was scared and wondering if we was doing the right thing.

Princess and Angel loves it here too, they have so much room to run around.
We live on the "Cuyahoga" River.
And yes Angel tries to sneak down there. Angel is an exployer.
Princess tries to stay far away from water as possible. She lets Angel do something first.

Now, Thanks to JR! He showed Angel the bridge to cross to the other part of our yard that has a frog pond. So, if not paying attention she will sneak over and come back all soakin wet. Why you ask? She falls in the frog pound everytime! As you see below, the white spot is Angel. I do believe the first time was an accident. But I do wonder if they are accidents now.

After living here 5 months today I am loving it more and more each day!!! I miss my family and friends and my grandchildren very much, but i'm glad we made the move.
I did forget to say when we came to look at the place October 6 and decided to take it, It was one year to the day after my Dad had passed away.

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