Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Blog Challenge Day 9

Day 9 - March Blog Challenge

Day 9: What's on your life list / bucket list
Here's a few things...........
1. Live in gratitude and be happy even if the rest of the things never happen.
 2. Get my seizures under control.
 3. Get rid of my headaches & dizzy spells.
 4. Get my licenses back.
 5. Go back to work.
 6. Become a Big Sister ~~ Done
 7. Lose Weight. ~~ Lost 13 pounds already
 8. Spend less time on the computer.
 9. Feel comfortable driving.
10. Fly in a hotair baloon.
11. Go to Canada with JR.
12. Go to Gettysburg and stay in Sara Black's haunted room.
13. Have more confidence about myself.
14. Go to a live wrestling match and have front row floor seats.
15. See Kenny Rogers in concert.
16. Meet "The Undertaker"
17. Go to Arizona.
18. Go on a Cruise.
19. See the Grand Canyon.
20. Cook something new every week.
21. Get Doves.
22. Start walking. ~~ Doing it now
23. Work on my family tree.
24. Go see Sylvia Browne live.
25. Write more letters to my Aunt Lois.
26. Visit my Aunt Betty more.
27. Idintfy 100  things that make me happy.
28. Make a quilt.
29. Make decorations for each holiday.
30. Get the pictures together in a album for my neices. ~~ Done
31. Do something new every week.
32. Read the Bible Cover to Cover. ~~ Doing it now
33. Go to the Beach.
34. Hit the Lottery.
35. Not be so Emotional.
36. Go to Atlantic City.
37. Start working out. ~~ Doing it now
38. Clean out my closets and get rid of the things I haven’t used in two years. ~~ Done
39. Paint the bathroom.
40. List 43 things I like about myself.


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