Monday, March 11, 2013

Our New Car

Hubby has never bought a new car in his life. So one he told me he wanted a 2013 car, I thought ya right and left it car in one ear and out the other. If you knew my husband you would know why I thought that. Let me tell ya when it comes to cheap, He is cheap!!!Specially when it comes to buying something for his self.

Our Oldsmobile has ran for a few months he changed the tired and never ran since. But the weather hasn't been fit for him to look at it.
And the Ford Ranger well we are not sure how many trips it has for PA and it not to good in the snow.

Yesterday we went and looked at cars. JR and I had agree on a Kia Forte. Got everything filled out and all we had to do was wait till we seen if the loan would go through.
I am still thinking JR isn't going through with it. Yes, even though he filled out all the papers he wouldn't hesitate changing his mind.

We was to find out this evening at 7 if we got the loan went through or not. Didn't have to wait that long. I got the call at noon today. The loan went through the car was ours!!


Pictures didn't come out to good cause it was rainning and starting to get dark.

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