Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Chattin' Time On Tuesday

It's Chattin' Time On Tuesday

I found Chats On The Farmhouse Porch through Empty Nest and had to check it out!

All you need to do to join in the fun is click the button!

Everyday Ruralty

Head on over to Everyday Ruralty for some good coffee and a nice chat on the farmhouse porch!
{1} Melanie asks "What kinds of seafood have you tried and liked? What is the most unique seafood you've eaten?
I'm not crazy about seafood! The only thing I eat is Fish
{2} Anne says, "An unforgettable holiday moment is_____________________. (She's on the other side of that BIG pond. I believe a holiday is a vacation on this side. )
There are so many!
But one special holiday moment was...
Christmas 2003 when Hubby and I got engaged
{3} Arlene wants to know, "When was the last time you tried something new?"
October 13,2012 Moving out of PA to Ohio
First time I lived out of the state of PA if that counts
How about March 15 th ~~ Having a stroke....
{4} Becky asks, "Who or what inspires you?"
I was inspired my Mother and Father and Grandpap & Grandma Fullem
And my Hubby
{5} Madonna wants to know," How did you chose the names of your children. Wendell adds,"If you don't have kids, how do you choose pet names?"
No Children here
My babies are my two Boston Terriers ~~ I watched their actions for a day or two. I know when we got "Princess" her name was Sophie she didn't look like a Sophie, She acted like a Princess so it was changed to "Princess"
I thought since I had a Princess how about an Angel.....I should have wait to name her to see how she acted cause she would have been names Trouble or Devil, anything like that, She is far from being an Angel.

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