Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pondering with a purpose ~~ Bill

Pondering with a purpose ~~

As usual I am joining Brenda Youngerman for Pondering with a Purpose:

Today's prompt is: Bill

When I first seen the word....I thought about my Uncle Bill, R.I.P. 12/12/2000 Love and Miss him more and more each day.

Then of course the pile of bills I have sitting here in front of me I have write out.

We had a couple take our truck for a test drive this past sunday, After they had it for 2 hours and brought it back, we took it when we went out to dinner, Well we found oud we will have a bill to get the windshield fixed cause they brought it back with a crack in the windshield, how nice, NOT!

We also made a new bill for us on March 11 th when we got a new car.



  1. how nice.... how can someone take out your truck and crack the windshield and not tell you about it??

    Thanks for pondering with me!

  2. I'd send them the bill - how rude!

    Bills have a way up piling up all together like that. misery loves company, indeed. :)