Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It Is Nothing

                                                                 "IT IS NOTHING"

I am playing cards,
I feel my stomach being queezy.
It will be alright,
It is nothing.
I see my cards.
I must concentrate.
I don't seem to beable to pick my cards up.
Of course I can.
Alright, look at the cards,
Good girl you did it.
I hear you, I just can't quite understand.
Say it again, I will get it this time.
I am confused.
What was I saying?
What was you Saying?
Oh No!!
I feel like I'm dropping in the well.
I don't want to go in the well.
The well is so far away from you.
I must concentrate.
Everyone sounds so far away.
I am trying so hard to stay.
It will be alright,
It is nothing.
I'm sorry, I can't hold on.
I must leave for a few minutes, But I'll comeback.
Just hold on, Don't be frightened, Don't be sad.
I'll be alright.
It is nothing.
I'm sorry. Please don't treat me differently.
I really am like you.
I just go in the well sometimes!

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